"WEEP" Along With American Standards' New Video/Single

Opening with a thick, sludgy drone before then launching into full-tilt modern punk histrionics, American Standards' new single “WEEP” is an exciting showcase for a band who can both thrash and math with the best of them. The track, released as a stand alone single on Bandcamp, hits the sweet spot between more traditional post-hardcore catharsis and equally hard-hitting noisy experimentation.

The turbulent video for the single, which can be viewed below, alternates between the de rigeur aesthetically passionate footage of the band rocking out and a more metaphorical series of scenes involving mannequin hands, a heart necklace and what might be a game of go fish. These images, while strange and chaotic, all serve the purpose of amplifying the ambiguous angst of the lyrics. It makes for good stuff all around though, even more impressive than cuts from their excellent 2017 album Anti-Melody.    

Nat Allison

Just another music addict on this wide weird web. 28, from Columbus, GA. Finishing up a bachelors degree in professional writing from Columbus State University.