Artist Spotlight: Enter the Crane, Anthony Crane

Anthony Crane is a busy man. The Atlanta musician plays roughly 250 shows a year, has an impressive collection of songs that can only be described as pop-soul-reggae fusion, and is currently acting as his own accountant, manager, and promoter. Despite such a busy schedule, though Anthony is relentless in his pursuit to deliver high-quality music and live performances.

“You don’t really ever get a chance to turn it off…. You always need to be energetic and always need to be alert and aware, and you basically have to understand for a while that you gotta sign up for wearing all the hats and doing all the things.”

Crane’s ravenous work ethic stems directly from being raised by his mother and two younger sisters. They instilled in him not only the values that every family hopes to pass onto each generation but also a greater grasp of empathy. The experiences of his childhood have made an indelible impact on Crane in the way that he interacts with people on a personal level as well as the way that he ensures that his fans always see the best version of him.

“I can’t help but be aware of people’s feelings and why they think about certain things the way that they do.”

Don’t think for a second though that this means that Crane doesn’t know how to get down. Songs like “One Night Stand,” “I Love Women,” and “Sometimes Love Ain’t Enough” prove that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Crane’s music. Other than being more promiscuous than you may have thought, Crane’s music is, in a word, surprising.

“I’m a soul singer that writes pop songs and loves reggae music.”

If you’re thinking “there’s no way that goes together” then you don’t know what you’re missing. In 2014, tidy, five-song EP I Love Women was released, and Crane was accelerated into the wild. Each song carries its own unique balance of each of the singer-songwriter’s influences while creating a complete and connected sound. So connected, in fact, that the first two tracks, “Come Back” and “Kristine” flow together seamlessly as if two parts of the same track. This EP displays Crane's impeccable attention to detail and immense understanding of how to not only build a great song but also give soul room to breathe.

“Pop music is really about a format. It’s gotta be three minutes-ish; it’s gotta have a chorus and a verse and a bridge. Soul music comes from a different place that’s something a little deeper than the format of a song.”

Continuing to dig deeper, Anthony was very honest about the struggles of both running and performing in a one man show. In talking about songwriting, he relates being an unrepresented musician to running a small business and cuts straight to the most frustrating thing about being a songwriter as he sees it.

“I have to spend so much time on social media, networking, marketing, creating posters, advancing shows, doing taxes, coordinating players, and things like that, that unfortunately the music and the song suffer sometimes, and what a shame.”

Introspective, talented, and empathetic, Anthony Crane is the complete package and everything you could ever want in your new favorite musician. Between an intense tour schedule, seeing his kid, and trying to celebrate his birthday, Crane is hard at work even when it’s hard to work. With a new album expected to be completed by the end of this year, 2018 is already shaping up to be the year of the Crane.

Watch our full interview with Anthony Crane here or click the video link below. 

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Tayler Newman

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