[Artist Spotlight] I the Victor Keeps Girl Power Positive

“Stay Posi.” That’s the message I the Victor (whose real name is Rebecca Ramos) is pushing out into the world. Though her songs discuss things like mental health and dealing with personal demons, they also demonstrate how to “push through heavier things” under a “lens of positivity and silver linings.”

Speaking about her first album Pause, which was released in 2015, she recalls that many of the topics “struck fear” in her. However, she claims her newest EP Jackal approaches many of the same topics with “more aggression and confidence,” specifically citing songs like “Jackal” and “Clear.”

Although I the Victor songs are written about personal issues, they aren’t uncommon ones, and Rebecca expressed her passion for wanting to help others with her music as well, saying, “I needed these songs, so being able to release them and have someone else use them for what they need it for… that’s what they should be doing.”

Along with well-produced and meaningful studio work, I the Victor’s live shows are what sets her apart and brings fans scrambling to her merch booth. Rebecca Ramos, along with guitarist/producer Daniel Ernest and drummer Kegan Hussey, come together to bring I the Victor’s intricate recordings to life. Even in a solo-acoustic setting, though, Rebecca is keen on letting her emotions bleed into her playing, which results in powerful performances that leave both the band and the audience breathless.

A unique blend of influences from Twenty-One Pilots to Ellie Goulding makes I the Victor a difficult project to easily categorize, but if you’re looking for a word to describe them, that word is “unforgettable.”

I the Victor is beginning to make her name known by playing shows all across the east coast and has more tours rumored for 2018, so be sure to keep an eye out for your chance to rock out and Stay Posi!

I the Victor is performing live at Smith's Olde Bar tonight from 6-8 PM; click here for more information or to watch the live stream of the performance here.

Watch the full video interview with I the Victor.

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