When Will the Atlanta Underground Scene Come Together?

Photo by Ryan Purcell

When people think about Atlanta, they think about hip-hop, not underground house or techno. Cities in the States like Chicago, Detroit, Miami or even L.A. get all of the credit there. Recently Resident Advisor was kind enough to bring two things to light that have occurred in Atlanta, the Zemya Fest hosted by Project B. and the opening of DJ Pierre's club, Wild Pitch. As someone who has been heavily involved with the underground scene here in Atlanta for the last three years, I've seen a lot of growth happen. However, in my opinion, it will never reach its full potential until the underground venues and promoters fully work together to support one another.

There is one quote in the RA Wild Pitch article that I don't agree with, claiming that Wild Pitch is the "only true underground club for house and techno." Venues like Music Room, the Sound Table, and Alley Cat Music Club have hosted plenty of talent in Atlanta's underground scene. However, there are claims DJ Pierre did not actually give that quote and it was taken from the web by the author.  According to our sources, Mixmag did admit to making the mistake of misquoting Pierre. The quote was taken from a tweet from Chus & Cheballos after they played at Wild Pitch last month. It appears the writer from Mixmag has corrected the article.

The scene is small and the backlash given to Wild Pitch over the recent article is just one example of how cutthroat everyone has become. The ego driven nature of some people will slam what everyone has built straight into the ground. There are claims that the DJs the club has booked are not underground, acts like Chus & Ceballos and Riva Starr. These are some of the guys who created the underground along with DJ Pierre, legends if you will. Are we forgetting why we are all here in the first place? Is it not because of our love for the music? Why make ourselves look like idiots to the rest of the world as we bash each other in the comment section of Resident Advisor on Facebook? Instead, let's celebrate our city that's being recognized for something that is not hip-hop, dubstep or trap.

When we asked Pierre for a comment he said, "The article was not based on a direct interview, however, I do not blame Mixmag for the mistake. The writer has reached out and apologized because I did not make that quote. I recently did an interview with Vice that has not yet been published where I shout out the entire Atlanta underground scene, including other promoters and venues. I'm disappointed that instead of Atlanta choosing to focus on the financial investment we've made into a new sound system and bringing fresh talent to the city that folks would rather blow up incorrect information. I want to see this scene grow, I would never put someone else down for my own benefit. It's unnecessary."

Bullet Music was created to bring light to the acts of underground Atlanta. We continue to showcase the love of house and techno this city truly does have at its core. Again, we need to recognize the hard work everyone has done to create a community of music lovers and friends of the underground. We are too small to divide, Atlanta. Unite for our love for the music, unite for our love for each other as human beings, unite for our love for this amazing city. Because it's united we stand, or divided we fall. 

Liz Peña

Liz is an Atlanta-native and lover of music. She is a freelance marketer who has been creatively writing since she was a child. As the publisher of Bullet Music, she thrives on creating a space for Atlanta artists to showcase their work. Liz enjoys nature, cooking and hanging out with her family. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @pocketsizedpeach