Beach Weather Issues A Goodbye Letter And One Last Release

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I’ve never given a eulogy before, so excuse me if I start to get choked up. Today we are gathered here to mourn the short, yet impactful, life of Beach Weather. In September 2015, the trio of Nick Santino, Austin Scates, and Reeve Powers gave birth to a wonderful ball of excitement, potential, and fun. Then, only two weeks into existence, when most babies are just little babble boxes, Beach Weather went on tour with The Maine and began cultivating a rabid fan base.

Over the past two years we were given the amazing opportunity to create new music under the name Beach Weather. We had the extreme pleasure of meeting so many people that helped make this band possible. From our very first tour with The Maine in September of 2015, to several tours with our friends in Against The Current, our amazing run with PVRIS. Along the way we had our ups and downs trying to discover what this band was. Creatively, this was one of the most challenging projects we have worked on. Sonically, the band's sound was much different than anything any of us has done before. With that said, in May of 2017, we went off into the mountains of Vermont and began working on new music with just the three of us. Over the course of writing, we began to open up the conversation of what music we all wanted to make. We are three individuals with three different ideas. The reality of this was what made the first two EP's possible alongside our good friends Sean and Alex Silverman. Going into this process for the third time, we all began to open up the dialogue of what we really wanted to make at this moment in our lives. The time we have on this earth is short and we all three agreed that the best thing for all three of us is to take time away from this project and focus on all three of our own projects. It was extremely hard to make this decision because of the amazing people that have supported our band but we feel like this is the most real and authentic decision to make at this time. We do not want to use the words that this band is entirely done. We are still friends and want to leave the project open for the chance to be able to pick it back up down the road or be able to release music for fun. Moving forward, we will all be taking some time off and then we will begin working on our new projects. We will make sure to keep you all posted on what is to come! We wanted to leave you with a little gift, below is a link to listen to "The Basement Sessions" which features 4 acoustic songs. We can't thank you, our friends, and family's for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves creatively. It's a period in our lives that we will never forget.

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After the first tour for freshman EP What a Drag, which was highlighted by their biggest hit “Swoon,” Beach Weather quickly developed through infancy and the awkward teen years to deliver a powerful follow up to What a Drag in sophomore release, Chit Chat. This six song EP made the rounds by way of a loaded tour schedule with supporting runs for the likes of Against the Current, PVRIS, and another run with The Maine. The band also made their debut on Bullet Music during this time by claiming a spot in our list of 13 Underground Artists That You Need to Start Listening To.

While on their most recent tour, with The Maine in Atlanta in April of this year, drummer Austin Scates talked with us about the then-upcoming project that they were set to begin work on in May, “…we’re gonna be at an Airbnb in physical presence, more so jamming over some ideas that each of us have.” Unfortunately, though, it seems as if that very plan is what sparked the band to go on an indefinite hiatus to pursue solo projects.

In an Instagram post which heralded the end of the band, the Beach Weather account relayed the message from its creators that, “We are three individuals with three different ideas,” saying further that, “…we all three agreed that the best thing for all three of us is to take time away from this project and focus on all three of our own projects.”

As hard as this pill is to swallow, Nick and the guys have released a small farewell project, acoustic renditions of four of the five songs on their first EP dubbed Basement Sessions. While it isn’t the way any of us wanted to see the band come to a (hopefully temporary) close, these touching remakes conjure a slideshow of the memories, friendships, and emotions that the band has gifted us in such a short time.

Fans are still figuring out how to feel. Anger, sadness, and confusion are all finding their way into the conversation, but the most overwhelming reaction has been gratitude. So on behalf of every one of us to every part of the Beach Weather team, from Reeve, Nick, and Austin, to producers Sean and Alex Silverman, to touring member Joey “Pants” Pantaleo, and the rest of the 8123 family, we can never thank you all enough for loving us as much as we love you.

Keep an eye out for individual releases from each of the band members, and hold out hope for a farewell tour later this year.

Tayler Newman

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