Boujee vs. Bourgeouisie

Rodney Carmichael, in an article for NPR, takes a look at the ways that hip-hop in Atlanta has been marginalized and overlooked despite the genre's constant success in the city.

Carmichael states that, “The rise of Traplanta is the untold story of a city split in half by historic income inequality, shifting racial demographics, and an equally enigmatic identity crisis. The irony, of course, is how that inequity has helped to cultivate a trap-rap innovation economy from which Atlanta perpetually feeds.”

With old-school legends like Outkast, Killer Mike, and Goodie Mob as well as current chart-toppers such as Migos, Future, and Yachty all hailing from Atlanta, many wonder why the city hasn’t done more to embrace hip-hop. Read the full story here.

Tayler Newman

Tayler is Bullet Music's Editor-in-Chief. With years of experience in the music industry as both a fan and creator, Tayler brings a unique perspective to his writing. More of his sagely wisdom can be found @T_Newm on Twitter and Instagram.