BREED RMXs - A Review of Techno Maven Moudaber's New Remix Album

The collaboration between Skin and Nicole Moudaber last summer –  the BREED EP – has gotten sliced, diced, and made nice from various high level producers like Carl Craig, Fur Coat, Jamie Jones, Pan-Pot and Paco Osuna. The remix EP – simply titled BREED the RMXS – is due out September 2.



Having been following the queen of techno for some time, this particular EP is pretty interesting, as she branches out from her signature bottom heavy, percussive hallmark, and into more minimal waters vis a vis some of the remixers on this pressing.

But some audiences already had their sneak peek of Carl Craig’s "Someone Like You."

Skin and Nicole Moudaber

Skin and Nicole Moudaber

Last September, Skin and Moudaber released their EP,  BREED - functionally melding their two worlds of rock and techno respectively. Instead of giving you broad strokes of the EP, I figured I’d give you some points and highlights of some of the remixes coming down the pike individually.

"Someone Like You (Carl Craig Remix)" – This track will sound the most familiar to Moudaber’s acolytes, with breathy vocals looped throughout, a discordant ambiance, and a distinctive breakdown, capitulated to an extremely techy drop.

"Don’t Talk To Me I’m Dancin’ Feat ZFK (Jamie Jones Remix)" – “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” is one of the vocal hooks to this track, and it’s pretty hard to kill a vibe to this tech house tune, with a bit of a minimal feel. Hats and an eerie synth tweak out in the background, with the controlled dissonance we come to expect from the Lebanese techno princess.

"These Walls Are Made of Water (Pan-Pot Remix)" – Kicking off with a techno groove, this one blends in Skin’s vocals with a sublime reverb, and raises your heart rate a bit. More in the wheelhouse of Moudaber’s previous releases, this utilized some dope saw and synth underlays with the percussiveness of the track driving it forward.

"You Like This (Paco Osuna Remix)" – Probably one of my favorite tracks on the EP – it starts with an almost Latin vibe, and segues into a jacking, techy house groove, punctuated by a fat (and phat) kick and hat combo. Paco Osuna chopped up the vocals splendidly in the drop, which hits you in the chest like a sledgehammer.

"Organic Love feat Skin (Scuba Remix)" – Scuba takes the BPM up on this one, churning out a peak hour techno jam, complete with the low end driving the track right into Crazytown. After the drop, we get hit with some interesting synths.

"These Walls Are Made of Water (Paul Ritch Remix)" – Very, very techy, and very, very smooth, this track is. Its bass and synth elements are hypnotic, reminding me of the days past when trance was king, and of course, the hats hiss, almost charming you into the groove. Bottom heavy, but smooth, this one is a great after-hours banger.

"Organic Love (Fur Coat Remix)" – this one is a tad outside the box, with more synths, more pads, more ambiance. It doesn’t have the driving rhythm of other tracks on the EP, but from a production standpoint – is solid all the same.

"You Like This (Hector Remix)" – Uber minimal house here, bare bones in fact. With just a kick, some hats and a glitchy bassline, this keeps it simple – but it ain’t stupid.  The track overall is very minimalistic and chilled out compared to others on the EP.

"Don’t Talk to Me I’m Dancin’ (Jerome Sydenham Remix)" – Starting off with a muted kick, this jam builds up like an old school techno jam, introducing new elements, or varying intricacy, every couple measures. With no “big drops” it still grooves along, bringing you to that otherworldly, techno place.

"You Like This (MJ Hall Remix Feat Luz Wang Remix)" – Have to admit, this one, not really a fan, but that’s just me. It’s a little out there, and tries to blend multiple genres in a way I personally, don’t find appealing; part rap, part techno, part minimal. But hey, you can’t win them all!

Overall, this EP is very solid, blending cunning production with intriguing soundscapes, and despite being remixes, still maintain that tinge of destruction that all Moudaber’s releases have to them. It drops September 2 worldwide via her signature label, MOOD Records.