[Interview] Cende Celebrates Album and Tour Success

[Interview] Cende Celebrates Album and Tour Success


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Cende, a four-man band out of Brooklyn, NY, is comprised of members Cameron Wisch, Greg Rutkin, Dave Medina, and Bernard Casserly, and they are currently on tour promoting a brand new album, #1 Hit Single, which dropped on May 26. Shows are selling out along the way, and the group is consistently killing it for the live audiences. While stopping through Atlanta to play at The Masquerade, the guys agreed to answer a few questions for us.

Since releasing #1 Hit Single and seeing the response as well as having upcoming shows sell out, how have things changed? What was that moment like for you? 

We're all really happy to see that people seem to be responding well to the album. I think a huge moment for us was our release show because we were really able to get a glimpse into how many people are out there supporting this thing we did. Other than that, no major changes have really happened. We're taking everything seriously and happy that opportunities are opening up, but we fully understand we have a long way to go before this can be a self-sustained project.  

I noticed you guys have been releasing your music to streaming services prior to full release as well as asking for feedback. How has that helped your creative process and how do you use the feedback? 

Ha, I think we were asking a rhetorical question mostly. The album has been finished for awhile now so the singles were just a little preview for people to get a feel for what the album was going to be like before the full release happened.  

The schedule says you will be heading back to Brooklyn in July for a show that is already sold out, tell me about the support you guys are feeling from that music scene and your hometown fans.

We're really exited for both of the NY shows coming up in July! They are both supporting our friends in (SANDY) Alex G and Japanese Breakfast. That's a great opportunity for us as it puts us in front of a combined 1,000 people in our hometown, and for that we are extremely grateful.

I saw you entered the #shinsvancontest and I thought that was really cool! I also know Mertle won, so where does that leave you guys for how you'll be getting around on tour?

Yeah! We were really hoping to win that one! Thank you for the kind words. Luckily, our long time friends in NY punk band No One and The Somebodies let us rent their minivan for a cheap rate. The minivan actually ended up being perfect for us anyway. We don't have too much equipment with us and the gas mileage was great! Ha.

What have you been listening to lately? 

Right this second, we're listening to Papa Roach. We've been listening to a lot of great stuff recently though: Kendrick Lamar, Big Thief, Palehound, some Beatles, and Sheer Mag

Catch the band on one of their remaining tour dates listed here! 


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