[Interview] Cosmo's Midnight: Australian Twin Brothers Touring In America

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Bullet Music was about to chat with Patrick Liney, one-half of Cosmo's Midnight, right before their last show in California at Observatory Santa Ana. Their sound is electronic and upbeat, often paired with soulful vocals. They recently dropped two new and enjoyable singles, "Mind Off" ft. Kudu Blue and "History." The duo has been making waves touring and we spoke about their musical inspiration, what it's like being a musician in school and getting to travel through the U.S. 

Cosmo’s Midnight is made up of two of you, who are twins, right?

Yeah, that’s right.

When did you guys decide to start making music?

Basically in high school, we started making music because we were influenced by our older brother – whatever hobbies he picked up, we would also pick up. When he started writing music, we decided to try it as well, even when he stopped, we kept it going. And here we are now. *chuckles*

How did you get into electronic music? Was it also influenced by your older brothers’ taste?

Yeah, pretty much. He was super into Daft Punk and Justice, all that sort of electro stuff that was going on at the time. In Australia’s there’s a big compilation called the Ministry of Sounds, and we used to listen to that all the time. That was definitely a huge influence on us when we were in high school. By the time we graduated, we adapted it and started making our own music. It was a very natural sort of flow.

How do you think your music has evolved from making it in high school to post-college graduation and now being able to tour?

Well, when we started, we were just emulating people we liked; it was more so a discovery of how that magic was made. Then once we built that foundation of knowledge to go off of, we began actually discovering our own styles, which took a long time because we were figuring out what we actually wanted to say with our music. Plus, it was really rigorous being in college part-time and trying to make music. Classes here are pass/fail, so it took some time to graduate because we'd have to take a break while touring. I’d say that now we’re definitely in a place where we’re pushing out our own unique sound. In 2014 when we dropped our first single, that was when we were really ready to shift into making music as a duo.

Now that you’re touring in the US, what has been your favorite part?

The cool thing about this tour is that we’re hitting a bunch of cities we’ve never been to. We usually just do a West Coast/East Coast sort of thing, so being able to explore the Midwest has been really interesting. It’s like every single state in America offers something different, so going to the heart of America was an exciting change - especially food wise.

Any upcoming projects we should be looking forward to?

Right now, we’re working on upping the consistency of releasing tracks at the moment, basically building towards a bigger project. It’s not necessarily tangible for us quite yet. The ultimate goal is probably working towards an album, but that’s such a massive undertaking. We’ve been in America working on lots of writing, like coming to LA, especially, is such a hub for writing, I know Atlanta’s also a huge spot for producing, especially for the rap scene.

Yeah, ATL definitely has a huge rap scene. It has so much to offer as a whole. Have you been to Atlanta before?

Just during a layover, so not really. This will be our first time, definitely excited for that! We’re playing at Space 2, so that should be really fun. We go back home the day after, so it’ll be great to end on a positive note.

The up and coming duo has been touring for the past five months and will be ending their tour in the heart of Atlanta.

You can check them out Saturday, August 26 at Space 2. Get your tickets here.

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