[Interview] Sentiment and Nostalgia with Crash Test Dummies

Thursday night, January 17, 2019, Crash Test Dummies stopped in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse on their tour celebrating the 25 Year anniversary of God Shuffled his Feet. Arguably their most influential album, this collection featured hits such as” Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” and “Afternoons & Coffeespoons”. The evening was all a nostalgic fan could ask for. As an adolescent, I was raised singing along to this album. It often rang through the old stereo system situated in the oversize entertainment center that did nothing more than collect dust and house the albums that would come to shape my young mind.

For days following the concert, I found my cheeks to be sore from singing along through the widest grin. With Brad’s iconic baritone vocals accompanied by Ellen’s free-spirited dance moves and angelic voice, each song was ingeniously brought to life as those who joined me in the crowd front and center shared joyful glances as we simultaneously reveled in the nostalgic beauty hidden within the phrases and notes.

Not only did I share in the excitement of the concert, but I also had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Brad prior to the show for an interview. In the interview, we talked briefly about the dynamic between the first album The Ghosts That Haunt Me with its folk meets Irish flare and low budget, to their latest 2010 release Oooh La La! and its jazz lounge flavor. We also discussed things such as the creative process behind writing the diverse flavors that are collected throughout their discography and how Crash Test Dummies lyrical content can be accredited to Brad’s extensive knowledge in poetics and prose as he studied both English and philosophy and continues to be a student of life.

Please take a moment to give this interview a listen as it not only showcases one of the creative minds behind the band but also Brad's kindness. This was a very special day for me and I am still on cloud nine from the experience. Enjoy!

Photos by Sarah Htun for Bullet Music

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.