Fox Wound - It Could Happen To You

On Fox Wound’s sophomore album, It Could Happen To You, it doesn’t take long to realize something beautiful is happening right from the jump. In just 40 seconds, the opener, “Ice Beam,” catches you completely off guard, sounding like a well-composed piece out of a film score with it’s dream-like wall of sound over well-placed mellow strings, and that’s before it sinks in that this is all masterfully handled by a three-piece band.

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After that opener, the band settles into a rhythm of blending that same ridiculously good, ethereal production with swirling guitar melodies and beautifully layered vocals that tread the line between hopeful and melancholic. It’s a sound that Fox Wound knows well and masters to full effect across the album.

“Super Swimsuit” starts off simple enough — great vocal harmonies and driving riffs — before “Rival Private School” slowly ratchets things up with a more frantic sort of energy. The drums are dialed up from an almost electronic sounding, dance rock-esque shamble, into a more punk fringed gallop.  By the time, ”How’s It Going To End?” kicks in, the band hits their stride and explodes with a raw edge, but even with the rougher vocal delivery, Fox Wound still manages to keep that vulnerable emotional touch. “Let It Rest” might have one the best choruses on the album.

With It Could Happen To You, Fox Wound nails a balance between  beauty and melancholy, making a swirl of sound that’s ridiculously coordinated and complex for a three-piece. Nothing is wasted or superfluous, and the right little touches come together, making this album flow effortlessly from track to track. Fox Wound have created something that almost sounds like it could have been a forgotten record from underground emo’s heyday.

Mahad Mousse

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