Hot Or Not: Spring 2017 Edition

Hot Or Not: Spring 2017 Edition

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2017 has brought us failed albums, new releases, and a lot of band break-ups or 10-year anniversaries. Our hot or not list isn’t necessarily based on who sucks, but there are some hints of that for sure. Enjoy!

1. Pop

HOT: Lorde

Lorde, with the announcement of the June release of Melodrama, is finally back. Pure Heroine was released in 2013, so she’s left us waiting for years. We can’t imagine that she’ll release anything less than fantastic. You can stream “Green Light” and “Liability." It seems that this album will pull us deep into our feels. 

NOT: Taylor Swift

Take this sparingly. Not so much that Taylor isn’t hot but she hasn’t released anything except a song she was featured on with ZAYN for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. The drama surrounding the Swift Legacy has died down and we're not hearing complaints about her snotty Instagram. But Swift isn’t on tour and her Instagram bio is still repping 1989 which was released in 2014. Could this be the year she releases some new stuff? We’ll see. 

2. Hip Hop / R&B

HOT: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick had a picture of a roman numeral IV, which is the cover artwork for his single “The Heart Part 4," on Instagram, but the image has since been deleted. His account, once again, has made no posts after the release of the song. He teased for an April 7 release in the song, but we now know we have to wait another week until April 14. Kendrick is on fire right now.

NOT: André 3000

It has been a while since André has released anything. He has been a guest on several songs throughout 2016 though. Big Boi, his counterpart, is releasing his third solo album, but still nothing from André. There are rumors that 2017 could be the year, but only time will tell.

3. Metal

HOT: Wage War

Wage War has come into the metal scene with a vengeance. With all of these bands like The Word Alive going soft (read the proof in our interview with them here), the break-ups like Of Mice & Men (check out other break-ups here), and rumored retirements, the scene seems like it is dying. Wage War is currently on a tour and they released a single this year, “Stitch” that is very heavy. Hopefully, it’s a teaser for what the new album will be like which is rumored to be released this summer and though we don’t have a name, it’s bound to bring us to our knees. They’re currently on tour, so check out the cities and grab tickets here.

NOT: Suicide Silence

RIP Mitch Lucker. If you didn’t see this coming then you are living under a rock. How can you make a self-titled album when your founder isn’t even alive? That’s pretty bold. Not only that, but it is utter shit. Suicide Silence will never be able to bounce back from the damage Eddie Hermida has done. Suicide Silence is a not. “Doris” is proof of that. If you look at their Facebook page it is full of comments from disgusted fans. We’ll all just revel in pre-Eddie Suicide Silence for the rest of eternity.

4.   Country

HOT: Maren Morris

Maren Morris released HERO back in 2016. On March 17 of this year, she re-released HERO as a Deluxe Edition. She came out of nowhere and now has taken over the country scene. Some of her upcoming shows are sold out, and she’s touring with Sam Hunt this year. 

NOT: Shania Twain

Maybe everyone in the world knows Shania is a not, but “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” was a tiny little anthem. That woman could beat a man at anything, anytime and anywhere. She may be a not but we still love her. GUESS WHAT? There is a rumor that she will have a comeback single and that it may drop this weekend. Here’s to praying that the rumors are true.

5.   EDM

HOT: The Chainsmokers

We hate everything about this. We hate giving them a hot stamp, but they are. The duo who only released singles is finally releasing an album, Memories. What makes these two hot isn’t just the fact that they have gone from zero to 100 so quickly. It’s the fact that their songs get endless radio play. Every frat boy at the bar sings his drunken little heart out to The Chainsmokers, even if the lyrics don’t make sense. Right now they are untouchable. 

NOT: Skrillex

For some reason, Sonny Moore has always been someone that many of us hate to love. Even if we love him we still say we hate him. It is rumored he will reunite for an album with his old metal band, From First To Last, and we’re all pretty excited about that. They released a song together, “Make War" and we didn’t hate it. We're excited to see what he’s going to do with the future, but until a new project is confirmed, we anticipate seeing him take a back seat and letting other artists on the Owsla imprint shine.

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