Discover Art Installations Coming to Hulaween 2016

Hulaween is arguably one of the premier festivals in the country. It combines interactive art, music and several activities for the festival goers to indulge in throughout the four days it consumes Suwannee. We were able to get a sneak peak at two of the art installations that are headed to Spirit Lake this year in their beginning stages. The first is from Annabel Shettel, a contributor for Bullet Music based in St. Augustine, and the second is being created her best friend, Mary Beth Hietapelto. 

Adult Ball Pit by Annabel Shettel

"I have been interested in installation design for a while but wasn't a part of one until I helped my cousin in New York at Park Avenue Armory. The installation was for Martin Creed. We filled a whole room full of white balloons, for people to walk through. Even before this, I would give a hand to Mary with her installations for her college class. I'm working on my Bachelors degree in Digital Media, so in some aspects this does widen my creativity for installation ideas. 

I didn't even know if I would get chosen, but thought, 'what the hell why not try.' My idea is an adult ball pit. This idea grew from festivals I've been to and the child like aspect they have to them. I would say the quote that relates to my project is, "Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child" from Tim Burton. I wanted to bring an interactive piece to Suwannee.

It's coming together so far, but the hardest part is the gathering of balls. I spent two weeks on Craigslist looking for the right size pool and making sure it was from a reliable seller. I ended up buying the pool from a college student who wanted to get it off of their hands. The next step was to have it power washed and in clean condition for Hula. My partner, AJ Howar, and I both enjoy reusing and repurposing. He's more of the mathematical and technical side and I'm the one with the artist eye."

Moss Goddess by Mary Beth Hietapelto

"My installation, The Moss Goddess, is inspired by the natural elements of the Suwannee and feminine power and fertility. Some of the biggest challenges I've faced are locating materials, a reliable crew for help to construct the piece, and time. I'm a busy college student and also a part time nanny. I think festival attendees will feel the power and wonder of Mother Nature and the female form. Previously, I have had an installation at The Lightner Museum and at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fl. Also, I am looking forward to having an installation at Zen Awakening in the weeks after Hulaween."

Hulaween will take place at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida on October 27-30 with headlining acts such as String Cheese Incident, My Morning Jacket, Disclosure and many more!

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Photos by Annabel Shettel for Bullet Music

Liz Peña

Liz is an Atlanta-native and lover of music. She is a freelance marketer who has been creatively writing since she was a child. As the publisher of Bullet Music, she thrives on creating a space for Atlanta artists to showcase their work. Liz enjoys nature, cooking and hanging out with her family. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @pocketsizedpeach