HXV pulls out all the stops on MARTA.

I was at the bar, nodding absentmindedly to terrible music, scrolling through my newsfeed. "HXV pop up DJ set on MARTA, meet at Taco Mac." I looked up at my fiancé and showed him my phone excitedly. He nodded approvingly and we downed our drinks and bounced out the door to hail an Uber to Lindberg Station.

We arrived at Taco Mac, downed a couple of gifted Tequila shots and chatted with the scattered assembly. Around 1 a.m. we took off. With no Breeze cards in hand and afraid we'd miss the train, half of us jumped the gates, whooping and hollering to tumble down the stairs to mingle with the rest of the crew.

Around thirty of us poured onto the train. While we waited for Daniel to set up we climbed and danced on the Marta seats, swinging on the poles and bouncing in anticipation as onlookers smiled and took videos of the chaos. As the thumping bass began, we jumped until the train rocked on its tracks at every stop. The yelling, grinding crowd partied successfully for about ten minutes before security reached us. She was professional, rolling her eyes and shooing us off the train like an annoyed mother dealing with her rambunctious children.

HXV succeeded in promoting the pop up parties he's been throwing with BASS Family around the city all summer long. You can look forward to two more pop ups, this time on a Thursday with a smaller more intimate vibe. Also, keep your eyes peeled for another MARTA party, there's sure to be another one in the near future. Check out the video here

Clara Goode

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