iii Points: Art, Music and Technology Braves Hurricane Threats

Mondays can be rough, especially when you have to work and you've come straight from a three-day music festival. This time, sleepiness and exhaustion felt different. It felt more like lethargy. Though I felt nearly unresponsive, I was happy after such a great weekend at iii Points Music, Art & Technology Festival.

In the days leading up to the festival, people in Florida were concerned about Hurricane Matthew. At some point, I had to reconsider my trip for my own sake. News didn’t sound positive and I was expecting no more than desolation and disaster in the zone. Sadly, Hurricane Matthew touched down in Haiti, but luckily it did not hit the Miami area and the festival remained in full effect.

Thousands of party goers attended the fourth annual iii Points, described as "a platform to shed light on Miami´s talented local acts, vendors, artists, dreamers, doers, and idea people.” Most of the attendees were locals, but there were also some foreigners like me who came to appreciate the art and music. Artists from Miami and other parts of the world displayed a sample of great talent in different areas such as music, digital art, contemporary art and sound production. Installations and exhibitions were on display where the attendees were able to experience different forms of art and expression, and even spaces for meditation. For three days, the well-known Mana Wynwood hosted six stages, all of them with different crowds, sounds and vibes.

1. Isotropic

This was the place where spirits full of love came out to dance. An open air stage made aromatic by incense and adorned with different types or quartz was the perfect setting to let positive energies combine on the dance floor. Blissful sounds were played by Satori on the first day, and then the amazing Behrouz, and followed by Bedouin, the Brooklyn duo that closed this stage on Friday.

2. Mind Melt

This stage opened on Saturday to host some of the bands like DIIV, Junior Boys, Thievery Corporation, Flight Facilities, Jacques Greene and Cam'Ron. This spot was generously spacious with great screen visuals accompanied the live acts. Alternative bands were predominant at this platform. All of them indulged the attendees with disco, house, indie pop, hip-hop and, electronic beats. A total rainbow of sounds!

3. Main Frame

This was the principal stage where names well-known in the underground scene played unique sets to the eager and avid multitude of attendees. A dark room was full of energy and the tunes of some of the best house and techno exponents. Dixon played an extended three-hour set to end the opening day of the festival on Friday. He left me on outer space. Maya Jane Coles, Black Coffee, Danny Daze and DJ Koze were other remarkable sets during the weekend.

4. Door IV

A very cozy corner where the locals performed the best of Miami music. I had the chance to listen to Will Renuart, resident and owner of the Electric Pickle, and also discovered new talent on this stage such as Ascendants and Durante. It’s always great to find new music, tunes, styles, and to see young new DJs play with such passion.

5. Sunset Noon

This room was exceptionally decorated with some full and partial mannequins in multiple colors, creating concepts and shapes that transported me to different places. It was like a strange galaxy with funky music and house beats. Not that many people were there at any given time, but it was definitely the coolest room to interact with art and music in a same space.

6. Sector 3

An open air space with fantastic sound. The DJ booth was perfectly adorned with old TVs playing random old shows. What I liked most was the bus parked in front of the stage where one could climb up and enjoy the DJs and bands performing. It was one of those things where people had to be there to experience to understand the uniqueness of this stage.

Every year this festival is getting better. I honestly can’t wait for next year’s edition. If you want to experience a different kind of festival, you definitely need to get down to Miami next year and live the whole experience. Props to the event organizers of this majestic event who, despite hurricane Matthew, made a memorable weekend for all of us who attended.

Photos by Jason Koerner 

Pilar Alzate

Born and raised in Colombia. Studied Journalism in La Sabana University in Bogota. Came to Atlanta in 2007 and I have worked in different fields as Hospitality Industry, Real Estate, Advertising and now Work as an Inside Opportunity Manager for Microsoft Azure. I declare myself as a Techno/House lover for over 17 years.