5 Reasons You Should Go To III Points Festival 2017

Cover Photo: Jason Koerner

III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival delivers the Holy Trinity of Creativity over the course of three days. This event is loyal to its city and sets the stage to showcase the colorful talent that Miami has to offer. With the daily set times expected to be announced soon, be prepared to keep your trainers laced to run to the next stage if your favorite artists are playing at the same time. Until then, let’s dive into the reasons why you must attend III Points 2017.

Exclusive Florida Performances

Photo Credit: III Points

I wasn’t completely ecstatic about the arrival of III Points in October as the lineup was a closely guarded secret for what seemed like the longest time. I was hesitant but trusted them when they said that their first announcement will be worth the wait, and oh was it worth the wait. I was blown away and taken by surprise as they announced Gorillaz will be coming out of their long hiatus and headlining at III Points. This announcement was extra special because Gorillaz have only played a limited number of shows in their entire existence and this will be their first and only Florida performance. Who knows when you’ll be able to see them perform again, so now is the time to go. In addition to Gorillaz, indie band The xx will also be giving an exclusive Florida performance. If this doesn’t make you want to sell your firstborn for tickets, we can’t be friends.

Living Installations

Yes, you read that correctly. III Points boasts installations that are more than just interactive; they take your senses on a journey. One of this year's musician/visual artists, Brian Eno, takes a step above the traditional ambient audio installation and creates a custom exhibition space that builds a song in three dimensions. Brian Eno's The Ship becomes an installation that engulfs you as you walk through a song. It’s no surprise that a festival at the heart of Wynwood would provide us with anything less.

Photo Credit: III Points

Native Miami Artist

The headliners create buzz for festivals and become a game when trying to predict which of your favorites will be selected to fill in those spots, but local and up and coming talent is the bread and butter for events like this. III Points takes pride in showing you what Miami has to offer by supporting the local community and giving them a stage to perform on, literally. One of their stages, named MADE IN MIAMI, will represent Miami natives such as Oscar G, Lazaro Casanova, Dude Skywalker and more. Don’t sleep on the talent because this stage is an embodiment of the 305.


Miami is a destination known for its nightlife and culture, but III Points stands apart from other festivals around the area by keeping EDM to a minimum and creating a unique identity for itself. This becomes more apparent when you listen to this year's III Points Spotify playlist. Each song feels like it was deliberately chosen to put you in a calm yet electric trance and get you lost in your thoughts. With genres ranging from indie, rap, dance and experimental, there is something for everyone, and they all work to form the musical identity of this festival.

Hurricane Irma Relief

I’m sure you are all aware of the destruction Hurricane Irma left in its path as it made its way through the Caribbean and up to Florida, forcing millions to evacuate and causing power outages throughout the state. With Irma’s impact being the greatest in the southern part of Florida, many were afraid for those cities and the fate of III Points. Once the storm cleared, word was announced that III Points was spared but wanted to give back to the community and those affected. They will be selling Irma Relief tees, and all profits from this shirt will go directly to help assist those affected by hurricane Irma. The tee will be available here.

III Points Music, Art & Technology Festival takes place at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center in Miami, Florida starting on Friday, October 13 - Sunday, October 15.

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