[Interview] Behrouz spreads the vision of love through music.

Behrouz is the guy that when he tells you about the message he wishes to spread, you listen. His numerous times at events like Burning Man has opened his mind and soul to a point that he has realized the true human desire to receiving humility and acceptance. And that is exactly what he strives to achieve through the sets he shares with anyone willing to listen.

His heart and soul is poured into his music, and in our conversation, he shares these intimate details.

You had a birthday recently and got to play in Miami at Do Not Sit On The Furniture. Happy Birthday! Any special memories from that night?

Thank you. This was probably one of the best birthday parties I've had.  We transformed Do Not Sit into a Moroccan Oasis with a Moroccan tent outside in our garden which was decked out and designed by my wife. We also decorated the club, and people came dressed up. Just having all my close friends around, and having me play from open to close, and building up the night properly was fantastic.  I do a once a month residency at Do Not Sit where I play from open to close and everyone gets to go on a special Behrouz journey!

Having spent a lot of time traveling, DJing and meeting so many people, what do relationships with friends and family mean to you? How do you maintain these friendships with such a busy schedule?

Well, traveling over 20 years around the world has allowed me to develop great friendships with people all over.  I've kept in contact with many of my friends. And those who know me know how much friendship means to me. At the same time, traveling does take a toll on my private family life.  Having gigs every weekend out of town and sometimes during the summer for weeks or months at a time is stressful. As a husband and father, you have to get creative. I like to take my wife and daughter on trips with me during the summer or when I play in NY or San Francisco. I take them with me, it's like little mini trips for us.  It's part of my life and we have to learn to balance things as a traveling DJ.  

There are many artists that make their way to Burning Man, but it seems to hold a special place in your heart. What does it mean to you?

What makes Burning Man so special is the environment. You are in the middle of the desert. Us humans, we hardly spend any time in nature. What makes it so special is the fact that you are without your cell phone, your computer, and you are going back to basics. People become nice because they don't have to protect themselves. At Burning Man everyone is the same. You respect nature, you respect people and show them your love and respect. It's one of those places in the world that could change the attitude of people. It made me become better and I am always trying to learn more. It's a magical place. Whatever you ask the universe you shall get. 

At the same time DJs like Lee Burridge and myself have helped jump start this big movement in the US and abroad with this sound that's referred to as 'desert music,' and it's grown like crazy. It's beautiful music that you can dance to and touches your soul.  


Pure BEHROUZ nights are known throughout the world for being multi-genre, masterful sets unmatched in the industry. Can you tell us about the evolution of Pure BEHROUZ and what led to it?

It started as a night I did at one of my long running residencies back in San Francisco where I would play from open to close and I would take my listeners on a journey of different genres of music. I don't like to pigeonhole myself to one sound, and it's a reflection of my history of playing in one of the best cities in the U.S., San Francisco, for over 20 years. I grew up listening to disco, acid house, garage, drum & base, techno, jazz and so much more.  I feel like if you just play one sound, it becomes boring. You have to learn how to educate your crowd and take them on journeys of music.  It's like being in class and opening your mind to something different and exciting. 

Can you tell us about your time in San Francisco back in the day?

I lived in the best era of San Francisco, I believe. It was, and will always be, a city full of so much culture and art on so many levels. I grew up going to the best clubs, listening to legendary DJs at the time. I played two amazing residencies at the best clubs at the time. Eight years at DV8 and eight years at Release at 1015. It will always be my favorite city in the world!  

As someone who has been in the music industry for some time, and experienced a lot, what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Just always be yourself and no need for an ego to get ahead in life. You go up and down in this industry, so always be humble and nice to everyone! Also, I've always played from my heart and with passion, and every day I wake up thanking God for allowing me do what I love the most. Spreading love through my music.

Behrouz performs at The Music Room on May 14 with support from Bobi Stevkovski and Christian Chotro of Project B.

Event info and tickets here.

Kristin Gray

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