[Interview] Fable Cry Leads Us Through A Night of Wonder And Enchantment

[Interview] Fable Cry Leads Us Through A Night of Wonder And Enchantment

Once upon a time, there was a theatrical scamp rock band named Fable Cry. It all started in 2010 when Zach Ferrin had a dream. This dream was brought to life and eventually evolved into a band made up of five mysterious members. These five people were determined to bring us a night of storytelling, circus performance, and music. 

Fable Cry took to the stage and the crowd went wild. Scott, the bassist was articulately strumming a 12-string guitar, which is not an easy feat. Jo played the violin and sang, dancing around the stage like a seasoned veteran; truly bringing me into the music. The danger that passed through their eyes brought a fear and curiosity that I know I’ve never felt at a show. Once they wrapped up their performance we sat down with them for an intervew.

Tonight you guys teamed up with Beyond Wings for Once Upon A Circus. How did you get involved with this event?

Zach: We have known Beyond Wings for several years. We knew a bunch of them and we did some collaboration with some other shows where we would perform and then they would perform individually. I think the first show we collaborated with them on a large scale was our last show in the fall. We did a big Festival of Ghouls and it was crazy. So, anybody listening can’t see, but I’m using my hand gestures a lot. That’s important to imagine right now. Maybe there are some pictures that accompany this interview of me doing hand gestures.

Scott: Get pictures of the hand gestures.

Zach: This is important. He’s taking some. I’ll be very expressive. I’m bringing you in. It’s so big.

Scott: If you could see it. You’d understand.

Zach: It was a great time we had together. So then they asked us “Hey that was so much fun,” they said. Then they asked the question, “Want to play our show, Once Upon A Circus on February 25th, 2017?” And we’re like uh let’s check our schedules. Then we cleared our schedules cause it was worth it.

Nic: That’s exactly how all of that went.

How did you initially become interested in vaudeville?

Zach: I was born on the stage, literally. My mother…

Jo: No. No. No. No.

Nic: Scratch that from the record.

Scott: He just boldfaced lied to you.

Zach: I have never been off the stage. This is my first time, right now, being off the stage. That’s not a lie.

Jo: You have a big love of musical theater, which definitely translates into a lot of our kind of big theatrical shows. It’s only natural when we find someone who’s willing to work with us, like Beyond Wings, that we know that our actual music will be enhanced that much more with the visual aspect of it. We obviously run around a bunch on stage, but it’s so nice to have people who make their art just the actual visual aspect of it.

Zach: That’s exactly what I was going to say. I was getting there.

Nic: But he wasn’t on stage so it didn’t come out as easy.

You have announced an album release for 2017. Tell us more about what to expect from this album.

Nic: Well, we wanted to write a record that was kind of more reflective of the new lineup. There haven’t been two Fable Cry albums that have been released with the same lineup. The first one was Zach and his sister. Then the second one there was a cellist, another drummer, and you know. We just wanted to capture the element that this group kind of brings in a live setting, too. Because our shows are very energetic and we put a lot into it and we kind of wanted that to come out in the music as well. This one is gonna be a little different. There’s gonna be some story stuff. I don’t wanna reveal too much.

Scott: It’s not your business yet. Give it a second! You’ll find out! My God!

Nic: Yeah. Get off our ass.

Scott: I want you to know, but be patient. Look, it’s gonna have some cool shit.

Nic: You know I wanna know something. Actually, I wanna know what it’s going to be like.

Scott: We’re over here lying making you feel bad. Look, don’t worry about it.

Nic: It’s sweet with multiple movements. The album will be three CDs long. Then after you listen to the third CD you actually have to go to this one movie theater in a random town and watch the ending in the movie theater. But there’s no video you just sit in there and listen to it.

Scott: This is not a lie.

Nic: But with 3D glasses, so you can get that full sound.

Scott: 3D glasses so you can get the full sound. Please continue to the next question immediately.

 Nic: Full disclosure my blood sugar is low.

The Deli Magazine recently nominated you Best Emerging Artist of 2016. What does this mean for you?

Zach: I guess we’re a big deal now.

Scott: I don’t want to sound like too much, but I have to say we’re the most famous band ever now.

Zach: I don’t think we officially won the poll, but we were nominated and I think we got a really close second. It was real close.

Jo: If it was rated with giggles and children’s laughter we would have won.

Zach: Absolutely. See. They rate it wrong. We love everyone at The Deli Magazine. We love everyone over there.

Jo: And like if you want to nominate us again, do it.

Zach: But maybe just some giggles. Just add that in there.

Scott: We’re good about giggles. That’s how we win.

If you all were in a scary movie who would be the first one to go?

Nic: Me.

Melody: I didn’t want to say it, but I was trying to avoid it.

Scott: Definitely would say Nic, immediately.

Nic: I think I would be.

Jo: You’ve watched enough movies.

Nic: I know what’s happening. I would just get it over with. I’ve seen this. A lot.

Jo: He would be the first to go, for sure.

Nic: It’s okay.

Zach: I hate to admit it. I’m sorry, Nic. We weren’t there for you. Just happenstance.

Nic: I’m vulnerable.

Jo: Can I die and be the Jon Snow death where everyone’s just like “Oh my God! Can you believe that Jo died!” And there’s just a big deal around it.

Zach: So you didn’t actually die, though.

Jo: You’ll have to wait and find out.

If you ever get the chance to see their show in any capacity, do it. You will feel things you didn’t know possible. You will dance. You won’t regret it.

Photos by Garry Walden for Bullet Music

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