[Interview] Ran Salman on Longboards and the Music of the Gods

An artist releasing on some of my favorite labels, Ran Salman's arrival in Atlanta is one I have been awaiting with little patience. Releasing for labels like Einmusika and Steyoyoke, his sound and constant desire to experiment and push his own boundaries sets him apart from your typical house or techno producer. When listening through his music, you will be taken down a path that wanders through all terrains. One moment you can find yourself in a funky, disco city, to then swing into a housey forest, before being blown into a desert of divine otherwordliness.

In our conversation Ran shares with me how his sound blossomed and evolved, what he is planning for his musical career, as well as that time with his unruly longboard. His productions and sets are audial proof to his good natured energy and curious mind.

Congrats on recently hitting Beatport Electronica Chart’s top 100 with 'Träume' and 'Insanity.' How did this EP come about for you?

Thank you! Actually, I produced both tracks last year. 'Träume' means 'dreams' in German. I was very inspired after I played in Berlin last year. And with ‘Insanity’, as I was creating this one I had some inspiration from old and new music and mainly thought about doing something for the floor. I was surprised how well this track works on the dance floor. The siren that I used in the breakdown reminds me of the movie 'Shutter Island' which is why I decided to call it Insanity, and in the last year I've been asked a lot about the track name.

Can you tell us what your journey has been like, starting out with Eastern Spirit, to becoming a solo DJ, producer, and live performer?

I started playing and creating music when I was 16-years-old and the situation was very different than as it is now. Internet was really rare to have, I don't think I had an internet connection at home at that time so I had to learn almost completely by myself. After some time I started playing for a local radio station and in clubs in Jerusalem. I later released my first album as the duo 'Eastern Spirit’, which was a world/chillout music project consisting of me and a friend of mine. But then I decided to go back to my roots, which were house and techno. Track after track, I started defining my own direction, and released in the labels mentioned above.

You have such a broad range of music you create, from techno and deep house to disco, even your own vocals. What is it that gives you such range?

As I said previously, I produced a lot of different genes. Especially when producing world or chillout music, it is very experimental so I think this stayed with me as I love to experiment with sounds, synths, fx, vocals, etc.  But I'm feeling I want to be more experiential in my productions so stay tuned!

I saw that you made your own electric longboard. Any grand adventures on it yet?

(Laughs) How did you find it? It was a challenge but it is so cool, unfortunately I crashed with it a couple of times. This shit is really dangerous! Top speed I hit was about 19 mp/h .

Personally, I have a special love for Wrath of the Gods. Is there a story or certain energy that went into the track’s production?

I wanted to create a tribal feeling but also something divine. It was very inspired by the TV shows 'Vikings' and ‘Spartacus’. Like the music of the gods but in a bit of a middle eastern way.


What does music mean to you, where does it take you?

Music is my life, music is my passion I want to create music until the day I die. It cures me when I'm feeling down, my best tracks were written being in a bad mood. For example 'Fractured Memories'.

What are some of your current dreams and goals for your musical career?

I try to have my dreams as goals and I want to meet these goals whenever I can. 

I'm planning a new live show, which will be called Ran Salman LiVE 2.0. It will involve electronic drum set, more synthesizers, my own live vocals, and some surprises. Then the next step will be a Visual Live which I'm already working on. I'm also working on a new EP which will be ready very soon. The tracks will be a bit different from what I had until now, but it is very interesting. Some of these new tracks can be heard in my LiVE set on Friday. And I'm planning to start my own label very soon.


Ran Salman will be playing his LiVE set April 29 at Alley Cat Music Club with support from Ramouz of Exposed and Zeek of Project B.

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Kristin Gray

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