[Interview] The Word Alive Fills Rocketown with Dark Matter

The Word Alive once again brought their tour to Nashville for the purpose of sending Luke Holland, their badass drummer, off with a fond goodbye. Rocketown is a small venue with a main building and a smaller adjacent stage set up in what is referred to as the white building. The small crowd that decided to show out says nothing about the actual talent of the band. Telle Smith, the lead singer, poured emotion into the words he sang, since they really aren't screaming anymore. The stage production of lights was pretty impressive and fit extremely well with each song. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance much more than when I saw them at Warped Tour where they disappointedly played to another small crowd. With the announcement of Luke Holland's departure I'm not sure where the band will go, but I'm sure their emotionally charged lyrics and metalcore background can take them wherever they desire.

You guys recently released a very lyrically emotional album, Dark Matter. What is the underlying meaning in the title and album cover graphic art? 

Tony Pizutti: How Dark Matter actually came along was that it was a working title for a song, which is "Dark Matter." And we just decided that it just felt... right for just like the whole, honestly the vibe of the album. It just was really dark and kind of atmospheric sounding and heavy. It just felt like it was the right, you know, name for the album. There wasn't like anything crazy. It kind of just worked out. .

Not too long ago you guys also released a new single, "Overdose." It had a very soft yet melodic sound to it. Is this more along the lines of what fans can expect from future albums?

T: I believe so. I mean, it just kind of depends, you know, where we're at mentally and what we're vibing. But I think The Word Alive is really proud of the song and "Trapped" as well. Those two songs are what to expect from The Word Alive for the future.

Speaking of "Overdose," is this a hint at a new album or a possible deluxe edition of dark matter?

T: No, it's just a standalone single. Obviously we're always writing and we're trying to create as much music as possible. But, I mean, it could possibly be on the next record. But intentionally right now it's just supposed to be a single.

You guys have been to Nashville quite a bit, how do you feel about the scene here?

T: Nashville's great. It's kind of hit or miss for us sometimes though. We played here on the Warped Tour this year and It was fun but it wasn't the hypest. I think we just love this city so being here regardless we're always having a good time.

A week from tonight you guys get to play the first ever Foundation Fest with Atreyu. What does it mean for you and the band to be able to play alongside with such an influential band?

T: We're very humbled we actually got to share the same stage with them on Warped Tour, for a few weeks they were on. They're really great guys we've got to actually talk to them for a few times on Warped Tour. It's an honor to play alongside with them. They definitely influenced me and Zack growing up playing guitar in our local bands and stuff like that. They definitely were a huge influence and what got us to wanting to play this style of music. So, yeah very excited to do that.

Photos Courtesy of The Word Alive

Christina Salvati

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