[Interview] Jantsen Talks Style and New EP Release

Electronic music DJ Jantsen spoke with us Thursday night before his packed out set at Aisle 5. The Colorado-based artist has a reputation for bass-heavy, energy-packed sets and this night was no exception. Jantsen is known for his stage presence and comfort with the crowd and that ease was evident in speaking with him one-on-one as well. 

You just dropped a new EP, Soltri Pt. 1, with Dirt Monkey. Tell us about it.

We decided to start it because it’s a different style of music than we both make and we didn’t want it to get muddled up. We’ve tried to produce trap and twerk and stuff like that and it can chart really well, but people overlook it because they just want the classic Jansten sound. So we decided it would be better to do a side projects. We wanted to get a lot of world influence in there. It’s world influence and booty bass. The goal is to branch out a little bit from this current scene that we’re in, hopefully travel to different parts of the world and experience different cultures and start to branch out into different scenes a little bit.

When can we expect Pt. 2 and what can we expect from it?

We’d like to do any EP every month or two, probably every couple of months is more realistic. It will stick with the world theme, a lot of Latin vibes and stuff. It could be anything really. I’ve always listened to that kind of music my whole life, it makes me feel really good, so I want to bring that vibe to the dance scene. It exists, but mostly in the underground. I’d like to bring it to a bigger level.  

You shifted away from glitch hop to dubstep. What kind of sound changes do you think are in your future?

I was doing glitch hop for a long time because that was where the forefront of bass music was at the time before dubstep existed. I was into drum and bass and breaks before that. Then it evolved into glitch hop then I  heard Rusko for the first time and it had a big influence on me and it made me want to make stuff like that. I still carry elements of all those styles with what I do I think.

As far as what the future holds, dubstep is such a big part of where I am in my sound and I love it I love that energy, but  I’d definitely like to explore different styles. I’ll always be creating whatever feel inspired by, but it will always have a heavier edge. 

Where is your favorite place you’ve played in the US? 

Austin is cool. I like the scene there a lot. Montana has been cool, super random, but kids out there just rage. New York is fun, it's kind of hard to pick a favorite cause each space has such a unique vibe. And of course Denver, where I’m from, is becoming like the bass capital, so it’s always fun to play there. 

Are there any other collaborations in the works right now that we can get excited for? 

More stuff with Dirt Monkey. I’ve been trying to write a lot of music on my own right now. I always have random projects open with Lorin, Bassnectar, but you never really know when those are going to be finished.

What artists are you listening to right now?

Punk music has been making a really big come back in my life again I used to listen to a lot when I was a teenager then I stopped for a really long time and now I’ve been just been loving that energy. I’ve been going to a lot of punk shows again and I just love it, I missed it a lot, it's a great outlet. It has a very specific energy to it that you can’t really get anywhere else. 

I saw AFI last week and it was really amazing. They’ve changed their style a lot, but they’ve acquired a lot of new fans, so it’s cool to see the diversity.

Photos by Ryan Purcell for Bullet Music

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