[Interview] Legion & Logam: Now You're Speaking My Language

[Interview] Legion & Logam: Now You're Speaking My Language

Language Atlanta is a monthly event series which originated in Denver and specializes in "forward thinking and underground electronic music." The series stems from the Sine Language Imprint with signed artists like Fade & Maurs, Legion, and a remix from Logam. Atlanta's first event was hosted on Dec. 23 at WildPitch Music Hall with Mark Starr from Dirtybird as the headliner. We had a chance to speak with Hunter Watson, one of the organizers of the event, and the third member of Legion & Logam before the show.  

Tell us about the concept of Language and where it all started. 

Language is a derivative branch of our record label, Sine Language Imprint, started in 2009. The club night began at The Basement and Graveyard in Atlanta in 2015 with my friend Tyler, aka GG Wallin, and branched out to Denver, CO where Beau Guest and Lee Griffin have been running it quite successfully ever since. The whole sort of ethos behind the night is bringing together modern, minimal underground styles of drum and bass, dubstep, techno, house and breakbeats mirrored verbatim from the UK and European scenes in a high quality acoustic environment. The idea is to expose the youth, new audiences and veterans alike to the culture. The goal is to shed some light on the actual artists on the forefront of these scenes from their own perspective despite genre traditions and stereotypes within the scene. We think the modern edge of underground drum and bass and dubstep especially have been overlooked until recently and wanted to add the root ideas and culture of the European scene back to the scene in the Southeast. 

Mark Starr from Dirtybird is here. What made you choose him as tonight's headliner?

Mark is an amazing DJ has become a friend of recent, Bryan Armalavage from the prolific techno-peddling Cardio ATL crew hooked me up with him over the summer. He really brings a modern sound that is quite engaging in America, his party style DJ sets and top-notch production made him and excellent choice in breakbeat and house music selection for the vibes of Language ATL. Some may remember he headlined an underground warehouse party series this summer I executed in conjunction with Liquified ATL, titled "Deep Space." The event was massively successful with TAL bringing Ganja White Night (read our interview with them here) and ourselves bringing in Mark to light up the improvised dance floor in a parking lot on Whitehall Street in Southwest Atlanta. One of my favorite parties I've ever coordinated in 17 years of throwing events. It was lit, to say the least!

Are there any upcoming releases on Sine Language we can expect to see soon?

Yes, the two-year anniversary in Denver lineup is a big one which we cannot wait to announce this week! The releases are coming steady on the imprint, we have Poland-based artists Fade & Maurs, "Midnight" out now on Sine Language with a massively anthemic Legion & Logam remix coming out in February.

As a member of Legion, D&B is obviously where your passion lies. What about that genre resonates with you?

There is so much that is yet to explore, the sound has evolved over 25 years and still remains fresh to me, sometimes pockets of the scene geographically can get stuck in a rut and rinse out the vibe too hard with heavy handed elitism. Thats what Language is truly all about, keeping it fresh and bringing the forefront sounds to the ears of the party crowd and consumers in America alike. 

Do you expect for D&B to make a come back in the states anytime soon? If so, how will you contribute to that?

Our signing exclusive to the industry leading Ram Records is a hopeful chance at that. We plan to keep pushing our version of drum and bass that we feel if people would take the time to open their minds and listen, they would really quite enjoy the quite palatable minimal rn sounds juxtaposed with underground UK Rhythms. 

What can we expect from you in 2017?

World domination...and tacos! 

Language is every first Saturday in Denver at The Black Box and third Friday in Atlanta at WildPitch Music Hall. 

Photos by Grace Kelly for Bullet Music.

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