[Interview] Lost Kings Tell Us About Their Past and Plans for the Future

[Interview] Lost Kings Tell Us About Their Past and Plans for the Future

Lost Kings, the electronic duo from Los Angeles, have played in Atlanta before at Opera Nightclub, but never at a major festival like Shaky Beats. We caught up with them during the festival to learn about their latest music, formation story, and plans for the future. They were both really easy to talk to, and had a clear energy about them that was in pursuit of bigger things, so keep an eye on them as they continue to grow their name and pursue their careers.

Welcome to Atlanta. I know you guys are based out of LA, but where are you originally from?

Rob: Yeah, we’ve lived in LA for like six years. I’m from Boston.

Nick: And I’m from Baltimore.

I want to ask you about your recent single “Quit You” that came out a couple months ago. What was it like working with Tinashe?

Nick: It was great. She was great in the studio. She was one of the top singers that we wanted to work with, and she was good about doing something that’s kind of out of her space. She was real cool about that, and it was just easy with her, getting a song done. It was great vibes in the studio and I was happy with how it came out. What we wanted to do with her was take her out of her element or what she’s used to, or what people are used to hearing from her, and kind of put her in a new space. That was the goal, so we were happy with that and I think she was too.

You guys said in a previous interview that you’d love to collaborate with Galantis. They played here at Shaky Beats last night. What about their music is such a draw for you?

Nick: Early on when we were doing this, we were big fans of them, when they first came on the scene. They were big influences on the early music that we were doing. I’d say right now, our focus has shifted a little bit, musically… but I still love what they’re doing. I think they make some of the best feel-good music, and I still listen to them on a regular basis. Those guys are great, they’ve been killing it as producers for a long time.

So yeah, one day I’d love to do something with them. I still love their music, so that would be sick. I think what’s cool about them is that they still have some emotion in dance music. I love bass music too, but when we play a set... I think the biggest thing is having surprise and having a variety of things, but also having that emotion in a set. I think a lot of people have lost that over the years. So, I think it’s big to have uplifting, emotional layers in their sets.

Rob: They make such good music.

Did you guys link up after you both individually moved to LA?

Rob: Yeah, we had both been doing solo music by ourselves, and we just had a mutual friend who linked us up. We got together, originally just to try to teach each other some things, and then realized we had the same aspirations and similar taste; and we decided to work together.

On your Facebook, you have the J.R.R. Tolkien quote, “Not all who wander are lost.” Are you guys big Tolkien fans, or does it just line up with the name of the project?

Rob: I think it just lines up with the name. I mean, I know where it came from, but for us, it just fits our story and fits our name, and our experiences in LA.

As Lost Kings?

Rob: Well, yeah, even before that. You know, in LA you can easily lose yourself when you move out there, especially coming from the East Coast. And we both did that. We moved out there and just partied and kind of forgot why we moved there. You can do that easily, so it just fit our name. It’s something that we always remind ourselves of.

Nick: Yeah, that’s where the “lost” comes from. The “kings” is obviously where we want to go. So, I think both words together encompass moving forward and staying in the right mindset, but obviously, we want to be at the top of our game, to keep doing what we’re doing. I think a good name always has extensions of brands and sayings, and that fits.

Cool. So what’s up next for you?

Rob: We’ve got a single coming out very soon, like within the next month that we’re super stoked on. It’s with Ally Brooke, who is in Fifth Harmony, and A$AP Ferg. So, we actually just debuted that today, that’s the first time we’ve ever played that. So that’s what’s coming next, and we’re working with this girl, Sabrina Carpenter; so we have a single coming out with her, which will probably be out sometime this Summer. I mean, we work relentlessly on music, every day, so we have a ton of stuff coming out that’s just been in the works.

Nick: We do our first Europe tour this year which I'm’ excited about, and we’re just going to be all over the place and keep building on what it is we’re trying to build with Lost Kings. Get the name going!

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