Matt and Kim Inspire Positivity and Excitement at Buckhead Theatre

Matt and Kim are an electrifying duo that inspires love, hope and excitement no matter what the circumstances are. When I walked into the Buckhead Theatre on Monday, I had just lost one of my best friends in a car accident a few days prior and was so depressed I wasn’t going to go. However, after hearing rave reviews, I decided that maybe a band like Matt and Kim was exactly what I needed to see.

I walked into the venue with a heavy heart, but a big guy by the name of Michael Christmas immediately helped to lighten the load. The Boston native’s honest songs about everything from girls to drugs to fake happiness resonated with the Atlanta crowd, prompting the rapper to say numerous times that Atlanta gave him more love and energy than any other crowd. Sometimes the crowd tunes out the opening act as filler until the headliner, but Michael Christmas had our full attention and got us sweaty and ready for the main event.


Matt and Kim exploded onto the stage with an immense energy that infected the entire venue instantly. Everyone rose to their feet, dancing along with the eponymous duo who frequently bridged songs with t-shirt tosses, dance breaks and risqué banter. As they made their way through the setlist, the band and the crowd both picked up steam, feeding off each other’s energy. Echoing the sentiments of Michael Christmas, Matt and Kim were thrilled at the passion and excitement the Atlanta fans brought.

The night continued on, with Matt and Kim weaving in and out of dance breaks, covers that included “Party Up” by DMX, “Started from the Bottom” by Drake and Van Halen’s “Jump” as well as their own hits like “It’s Alright,” “Now,” “Yea Yeah,” “Let’s Go” and, of course, “Daylight.” Throughout the 20-song set, the duo interacted with the crowd constantly, throwing out “lifesize” blow-up dolls with their faces on them and even giving one girl $40 to get drinks from the bar because Kim could tell she had been dragged there by her boyfriend and wasn’t having fun yet. While many pop acts have some sort of inflatables, I have never been to a show where a band member stopped the show just to ask someone why they weren’t having fun and then gave that person money for drinks to make it better. That says something about the level of sincerity that Matt and Kim both bring to their shows and expect from their fans.

When the last note of “Let’s Go” rang out, and the show was finally over, I felt a pang of sadness as I dropped back into reality. Although nothing can truly mask the pain of loss but time, I felt lighter and more hopeful than I had in days thanks to the relentless positivity Matt and Kim radiate.

If you’d like to join Matt and Kim on this energetic and inspiring tour, click HERE for more information.

Photos by Robyn Johnson for Bullet Music

Tayler Newman

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