[Interview] MDFK Bring The Berklee Party To Welcome To Rockville By Opening Friday Afternoon And Crowd Surfing To The Headliners

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MDFK is a metal band composed of Berklee students (Boston, Massachusetts). With a personality that can’t be stopped, they just released their EP “Blood, Sweat, and Hennessy”, that can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. All weekend long, Rockvillians not only talked up their performance, but witnessed vocalist Trash man crowd-surfing at several headliners' sets. They fueled the fire and were the first band to perform on the Monster Energy Stage on Friday afternoon. Their sound is an interesting mesh of eclectic guitar riffs along with thrashing vocals.

After sitting down with Erik Thorstenn aka Trash man (vocals/bass, this dude kills it on Soundcloud), Alex Marlowe (drums), and Nick Antonelli (guitar), we had a fluid musical conversation on the topics of their band name, what record is their favorite at the moment, where to be on the lookout for new content of theirs and how they feel about Gibson guitars. 

Nick Antonelli talked about how he plays Gibson himself and gave a little insight:

"I don't think Gibson will mess with anything. They've done this in the past. There's a brand outside of Michigan, named Heritage. They're Gibson except they're under a different name and different people. So, honestly, I think what is going to happen is people are going to buy out some designs, buy out some of the factories, something like that. Making something that is a similiar style under a different name. I mean it's a great sound whether they are in money trouble. So that's not going to go away."

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For all of you metalheads, I definitely recommend. Their first show was just on December 10th, 2017 and now they are playing on Rockville’s main stage (this should tell you where these guys are headed). They all agreed that playing on stage was the most memorable experience they could ever have at Rockville and of course the second item was seeing Ozzy himself perform. Trash man stated that Ozzy's performance was much more lively this time, as he had seen him once prior.

MDFK know to live the rock life you have to be yourself and get along. Alex Marlowe stated:

"Be different... but don't try too hard. People can really tell when you try too hard. Be yourselves and play music that you would wanna listen to. If we didn't get along this would be a disaster."

I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know this band as they make their mark on the world, and I and can't wait to see what's in store for these talented guys! Listen to full interview above or at Bullet Music's SoundCloud

Check out their single “Rolling” on Youtube and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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