Monthly Artist Spotlight: Bird Laww

Each month Bullet Music introduces you to a local band from our home base. We proudly present Atlanta’s own, Bird Laww.

The band's music is honest and catchy. When I first discovered them, it was the track "OCD" that perked my ears. The song is off of their new album, Nothing Matters. Jeff Konzal (guitar/vocals) describes the agony that his fellow band member, Logan Webb (guitar/vocals), endures due to his excessive speculation. Who doesn't love an upbeat tune about sticky wickets? Playful lyrics and chords paired with real situations is every pop-alts recipe for a favorite sing along.

It should be noted that Jeff's stunt double in this video interview, the cute black kitty, is not a fair representation. Jeff is a family man. And strong. Very Strong.

The other members of the band are Matt Kreisher (drummer) and Jesse Buchanan(bass). The band has an ongoing joke about having two front men because both Jeff and Logan write songs together, as well as play guitar and sing vocals.

In this exclusive video interview, they explain to us that living in Atlanta, and specifically the nature of the industry today with social media, forces musicians to be their own bosses. 

Listen to the new album, Nothing Matters

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Video by Missy Stowell for Bullet Music.

Grace Kelly

Grace has always been close to music. In her earliest years her mother took her on tour following the Grateful Dead. At 19 she was an organizer for an electronic music festival (Inca Tek) in Cusco, Peru. In 2015 Grace interned at SF Music Tech Summit in San Francisco. Since she’s remained an active member of the music event community wherever she is. Lately she’s been managing a small business based in Atlanta, Ga. 

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