Monthly Artist Spotlight: Sweet Tea Trio

At Bullet Music, we encourage our readers to have a healthy relationship with music. Sometimes you have to make room for new music by clearing out the old music. You may need to ask yourself a serious question like, why the new music is more appealing? Where do you see yourself and this new music in five years? Does this music add to who you are as a person? If the answer is yes, keep pressing play. 

Every month we introduce you to a band or artist local to the southeast in hopes a budding romance will appear between the artist and our readers. The Tin Roof Acoustic Showdown hosted in Atlanta is a professional competition curated by Ian Schumacher. Sweet Tea Trio were the winners of the last round at the Tin Roof Cantina, their victory presented us the opportunity to get the know these fierce 'Bama women a little bit better. We're excited to present the charming trio to you comprised of Victoria Camp, Kate Falcon, and Savannah Coker. 


Do any of y'all drink unsweet tea?

Victoria: No. 

Savannah: If there is even unsweetened tea in the presence of us we put sugar or something in it. Even if we're not drinking it, we'd offer, "Here let us help you."

Victoria: Funny story, I went to New York one time and I asked the guy for a sweet tea and he went? "You mean like green tea?" and I said, "No, like tea with sugar in it..."


I guess only southerners get it...

Savannah: Funny thing, I actually don't drink sweet tea. I don't like it except there is this one local sweet tea company in Alabama called Bayou Billy sweet tea. And it's the only sweet tea I'll drink. 

Y'all recently took over our Instagram account at CMA Festival, tell me more about that experience?

Victoria: It was fun! 

Savannah: It was fabulous! 

Kate: We played CMA Fest in Nashville and we took over Bullet Music'c Instagram for the day, backstage! 

Savannah: We met a lot of other artists there! It's an awesome way to build great relationships! It was our first time ever being on a CMA stage. We got a standing ovation, that was so exciting! It was such an honor and we all got teary eyed. 

Victoria: The takeovers are great because we just want to be ourselves, we're pretty funny when we're together! 

Is there anything you'd like to say about your hometown(s)?

Kate: We're all from different parts of Alabama. I'm from Gadsden.

Savannah: I'm from Chelsea, near Birmingham. 

Victoria: I'm from Tuscaloosa.

Kate: All of our hometowns are really supportive of us as a group when we play in our hometowns. That's the best feeling! It beats even the biggest shows being able to go home and play for the people who have supported you from the beginning!

Savannah: It makes you who you are! It shapes you.

Kate: Our hometowns have really taken to us as a group, by loving us and making us feel at home. Even their hometowns make me feel like I'm at home. Shout out to the hometown peeps, we love you!

Before you knew each other your vocal coach, Steve Peddington, assigned you all to perform a trio together with only one night of preparation. What song did he have you perform?

Savannah: It was "Hell on Heels!" by the Pistol Annies. It went over really well, people clapped! Eventually, we entered a competition, and we won! But for the next round, you had to have two songs and we only knew that one! And we thought, "OH GOSH!" So we learned another one and we ended up winning first place! It was the Midsouth Fair in Mississippi. Once we won that, we ditched our solo careers and started learning more songs together. 

Kate: We still sing "Hell on Heels," at every show. 

Do you have any rituals that you do together while preparing for a show?

Victoria: We always pray. 

Savannah: And of course also do vocal warm ups. We sound ridiculous. We sound like monkeys! 

What about after the show? 

Victoria: Eat! We usually do a meet and greet after the show, and by the time meet and greets are over the only thing open is Waffle House. 

What would you do if you played a show in the north or the west where there is no Waffle House?


Savannah: There are no Waffle Houses out there? Oh my gosh! We have shirts that say "Waffle House Princess." 

Victoria: I didn't know that! 

Kate: I guess we'll have to meal prep or something... 

Savannah: This is news to me! 

Victoria: This is news to me too... 

Is there any exclusive news we can share with your fans? 

Savannah: We just came out with our EP. It's on iTunes for presale right now. On June 16 all the rest of them (the songs) will drop. 

Victoria: We've got a new music video out too! It's a mashup of "Chains" by Nick Jonas and "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. That's on YouTube! Check it out! 

Watch the full interview with Sweet Tea Trio here.

If you're interested in more artists like the Sweet Tea Trio, the next Tin Roof acoustic showdown is scheduled for Monday, June 26 at The Tin Roof. Visit their page for more deets!

Photos by Ryan Purcell for Bullet Music

Video by Annabel Shettel for Bullet Music

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