The Queen of Techno stands on her Throne

It didn't take long for the Queen of Techno to grab the attention of the world with her music. Starting as a promoter to eventually become a DJ sought out by cities and festivals all over the world, this night was long awaited. The original show was set for earlier this year, but due to winter weather, it was postponed to summer. The anticipation from months of awaiting her return was palpable. Hosted by Expand, her set was to go down at Jungle, an infamous warehouse known for its massive dance floor and top notch sound system. I have been to this venue on multiple occasions, but never had I seen it as crowded as it was this night.

It was hot and sticky, another of the things Jungle is known for, and the venue became packed long before Moudaber's set at midnight. Luis Valencia, the opener for the night, had quite the crowd to play to, something that doesn't always happen for an opener. He got the crowd moving and excited, and as the place filled to capacity, even the normally efficient bartenders were struggling to keep up. 

As we dance and talk, catching up with friends, it started to dawn on us that we could talk to each other, and hear each other without much of a struggle. Normally you need ear plugs in this place. One of the main speakers had blown, reducing the sound quality that Jungle is known for. Though there was some noticeable disappointment in this, I think this was the moment when you decide, are you going to focus on this alone, or will you tune into the set itself and enjoy the good energy that was still permeating throughout the dance floor. Even with a speaker down, the quality still surpassed that of a standard club.

And then Nicole Moudaber takes the throne, and immediately you notice her presence. If I come back in a second life, I want to have hair like hers - untamed, long and curly. Her appearance alone is enough to put a spell on us. Once her set begins, we are snapped out of our trance and thrown feet first, into a frenzy of dance with no antidote to be found. Her set was some fucking jamming, clean tech house. We danced until sweat was pouring down us, our legs were tiring, and our smiles matched Nicole's, full and genuine.

Exhausted, sweaty and happy, we remained spellbound until her very last note was played. Yet even then, her appreciation for her listeners persisted as she obliged our chants of "one more song!" with a carefully selected closing track. She then took the time to come visit us, getting pictures taken with anyone near or on the stage. Though there may have been a technical hiccup, this kind of thing happens sometimes. But you know you have a good DJ on hand when she isn't phased for one second. Huge smile on her face, she took us with her along the crazy ride that was her set, and still had love to spare for us all.


Kristin Gray

Kristin is Media Relations Manager and Atlanta native. Music is her passion (duh), but so are planes, trains and automobiles. Basically anything that will get her to the next adventure. Other talents include awkward yet unashamed dance moves, terribly punny jokes, and finding hidden spots around Atlanta.