[Interview] A Quick Conversation with Niko Zografos

How has everything been for you recently? Any big releases, events, or anything that been a big milestone for you so far?

Things have been good thanks. This Summer has been filled with fun gigs from playing EDC Las Vegas & FSOE450 to my East Coast debut this weekend. Also I just released a track on In Trance We Trust this month called "Acropolis" that has got loads of support from other DJs. 

You’re slated to play Insomniac’s Dreamstate festival later this year in November. There are some pretty big trance artists from Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery, ATB, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, and more. How did this booking happen for you and what does it means to share the stage with these artists.

Let me start by saying it’s been an incredible journey this past year. For years, I was simply the opening and closing DJ for Ruby Skye and I think are several factors for me being considered for Dreamstate. It all started with me getting “Phoria” released on FSOE and my involvement with promoting Dreamstate in Northern California. With more and more releases on FSOE and the push from Fadi, I’ve had to opportunity to play with him at FSOE400, FSOE450 & Exchange LA. Dreamstate is bringing a huge variety of trance to the SoCal event and I’m currently a rising producer and DJ in SF. With my hard work & networking, I’ve finally gotten noticed and respected from colleagues. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.  To me, it's an honor to play for Dreamstate. Years from now we'll look back at this and realize how important it was for the resurgence of trance.

Your home base is in San Francisco. What is the electronic music scene like there, particularly the trance scene like there?  

The trance scene has always been strong in San Francisco with a rich history of events over the years. San Francisco is one of my favorite places, mostly for the food, the people of the city, and the technology. What are some of your favorite parts about living in the Bay Area?
The weather as it's never too hot or too cold, the amazing food, and there's always something to do. 

What was your childhood and upbringing like Niko? Have you always been in the States, or did you move here later? What was the defining moment where you decided that you were going to start producing and DJing Trance?

I'm Greek from my Dad's side of my family but from the Bay Area. Also, I'm part Belgian from my mom's said. The defining moment was right after seeing Armin live at LoveFest After Party in 2008. Changed my life.

The Unity guys here in Atlanta are very well known all over the world. They work really hard to bring the Trance Family together. How did you get to know the guys behind the imprint?

I heard great things about their events and we both share passion for trance music so I'm really glad we were able to make this happen. They hit me up wanting to book me to push a U.S. based trance artist. I'm very honored they chose me for this show.

Were you excited to come to Atlanta and experience what we have to offer musically and culturally? 

I heard the trance scene is very open minded so I was very excited to take the crowd here on a three hour journey.

You have a Radio Show called Phoria Radio. What made you decide to start this project, and how have you seen it forge your path to where you are now?

I named it after my event company Phoria Events based in San Francisco where I host trance events mainly at Ruby Skye & Verso. It's a great way every month to showcase exclusive music including my own every first Sunday of the month. 

Any big plans or projects slated for the rest of the year? What are some of the big goals you are trying to accomplish either personally or professionally before 2016 is over?

Some of my plans are another release on FSOE along with having loads of new material to debut at Dreamstate SoCal. My goals are to play more amazing events at new places all over the world, keep releasing more music, and just keep improving as an artist every day.