[Interview] The Nth Power Speaks the Truth

[Interview] The Nth Power Speaks the Truth

The Nth Power will be stopping at Aisle 5 in Atlanta Friday night to continue their tour for their new album Live To Be Free. The album was recorded live and is, in my opinion, the best one they’ve put out to date. Bullet got to catch up with guitarist Nick Cassarino earlier this week to talk about the new album and their tour so far.

This is an intensely political album, tell me what went into the decision to be more vocal about the political climate here.

For me it was being more fed up with the current state of affairs. Just taking responsibility for the fact that I have a microphone and I should use it to talk about real issues that people need to hear about. A lot of time a lot of the information that people get is pretty skewed I think. So, I just wanted to say what I thought was really happening. On the record, you know?

I noticed it was released in November, did you time it with the presidential election on purpose?

Nope. We just kind of wanted to get it out as quickly as possible. But I feel like it was no coincidence that it came out when it did. It's a crazy time in American history. 

Some people would say some of the views in your new album are conspiracy theories. What would you say to those people? 

I would say that a lot of these things aren’t conspiracy and that a lot of them are proven. People just pick and choose what news sources they watch or listen to I guess. If you do research and you seek the truth you can find the truth. I think a lot of people have a tendency to wanna believe a certain truth that makes them feel comfortable and makes them feel safe and okay and watched out for. Especially by their government and their country. To those people I’d say listen to our song called “Truth.”  A Lot of these things that we talk about in that song are proven fact. Just because it's not on Fox News or mainstream media doesn’t mean it's not happening. If it makes you uncomfortable then it should make you uncomfortable because there’s a lot of fucked up shit going on that people need to know about.

What was it like recording a live album?

It was awesome. When you go into the studio to do a studio album ideally you'll have time to kind of get it how you want it and time to fix things. Time to make it really as perfect as possible. I just feel like life's not perfect, people aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect. We're all human and we wanted to make a record that showcases that. The thing about doing a live record is you lay it out and there's minimal editing. There's a realness and a rawness and an honesty that I feel like is lost in a lot of music these days because it's all so polished and clean. I love polished music and I like to make it, but we wanted to put it all out there. Be open, be honest be human and have that be the art as well as the song.

I think there's a general hunger or thirst for raw music on records. It is my opinion that people have been missing that. 
What story are you telling with this new album? 

It wasn’t a planned out concept album. This was basically, we wanted to record a live album and we tried to write good music for it. We were writing choruses for one of the songs the day of the recording. Each song kind of has its own message.

Tell me about “Take My Soul.” Why is it so different? 

We put it toward the end because it was such a banger. There’s two songs on the record that I wrote years ago and one of them is “Joy” and one of them is “Take My Soul.” I wrote them years ago and “Take My Soul” is a more bluesy song. It's the story of a runaway slave, they catch him and they kill him and he's begging God to take his soul before the men take it. I wrote the lyrics in like 15 minutes. They just came to me. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I had much to do with it.

How is the tour going so far? 

It's going great. We’ve got a new front of house person. She's crushing it. Her name's Natalie. We’ve got effects happening for our show, the sound is really good. Peoples seem to be responding really well. We love it. It's what we do. It’s always a journey. We live together out here, it's so much more than music. It's about life, it's about communication, it's about taking care of yourself and each other. It's about the music and the journey and it's about helping people. Just trying to spread love and joy and provide people with a necessary escape at our shows.

You mention tuning to 432 hertz. When did you start doing this and have you noticed a difference in your vibe and the audience vibe since you began?

We started doing this sometime last year, maybe last summer. It's one of those things where you have to come from a real clear and unbiased place to have a certain opinion of it. But what we know of 432 hertz is that this universe and everything in it vibrates. Some people have changed that vibration to be sharper, which could be said to put people out of balance. 

We’ve noticed that we feel better. There's a deeper level of performance in the songs. We know it's the right thing to do, so we just sort of do it.

You can listen to Live To Be Free on Spotify and you can check the first interview I did with drummer Nikki Glaspie last Spring here

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