Nuçi's Place Offers a Safe Haven for Athens Musicians

In Athen's, GA, there is a suicide prevention center that is specifically tailored to the needs of musicians dealing with depression and other mental disorders. Named after Athens musician Nuçi Phillips who took his own life in 1996, the center has four practice spaces complete with drum kits and mics that are available to any musician who needs a space.

 A Vice article sums up the center's functional purpose by saying, "The center acts as a kind of middleman for those seeking help. As soon as you reach out, you're paired with a trained "advocate," who offers immediate advice if needed, informs you about the type of support groups available at Nuçi's, and connects you to Nuçi's-affiliated therapists or psychiatrists."

Additionally, the cost to use these potentially life-saving services is $15 regardless of insurance status. Read more about Nuçi's Place here.

Tayler Newman

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