[Interview] Papadosio Returns To Atlanta For A Rainy Sweetwater 420 Set

We had the opportunity to speak to Papadosio’s Anthony Thogmartin (guitar/keys/vocals), Mike Healy (drums) Rob McConnell (bass/vocals) Billy Brouse (keys/vocals) and Sam Brouse (keys/vocals) right before their rain ridden set on the third day of Sweetwater 420 fest. After two weeks of touring, the guys sounded excited to play something “interesting and dynamic.” Papadosio has always been an environmentally-conscious band, and their message blends perfectly with Sweetwater Brewery’s effort to bring awareness to keeping Mother Earth clean.

Papadosio isn’t afraid to take chances and explore new themes within the confines of their music. On their upcoming record they explore both our dependence of technology and the abundance of misinformation shared daily through the media; but they made sure to point out it’s, “nothing political.” The members of Papadosio have always tried to bring people together with their mix of electronic and jam music. Anthony mentioned playing at the Oregon Eclipse Festival, where “people didn’t have cell phones out, because cellphones weren’t working there.” He appreciated the crowd being completely in the present.

During the interview, the band spoke about life on the bus and other ways they like to escape from music. I enjoyed listening to Sam talk about his affection towards John Williams and the Hook soundtrack, as well as the members' current artists they were listening to. We had a great time discussing their cohesiveness as a band and their exploration of adding something fresh to their music. You can check out the full interview above and on Bullet Music’s Soundcloud.

Garrison Pitts

Garrison Pitts is an Atlanta journalist that Broke into the music scene to sharpen his craft as a writer. Garrison studied writing and linguistics at Georgia Southern University and is also in sales for INTERFOR lumber company.