Pretty Lights Inspires Nashville

Nashville Municipal Auditorium has always been an interesting venue. Between the vast dome ceiling and cement floors it is prepared to entertain almost any type of scenario. Before day one of the show had even started, fans everywhere were mingling. Finding new dance partners and making new show friends. I think that says a lot about the type of fan base Pretty Lights draws to his shows.

When I first arrived, Maddy O’Neal was playing her set. There were really only a nice handful of people in attendance standing around, bobbing their heads, and hanging out. I can surely say that anyone that missed out on seeing her play, should wish they had made it. She was having a blast pouring out her soul to those of us on the dance floor.

Next up was Big Wild. If I said he was busy putting on a serious show, I would be cheating him. There were significantly more people in the crowd, but every single person on the floor was in full dance mode. Not only was he putting on a show, he was connecting with every single person in the crowd and absolutely loving it. That is dedication, and dedication isn’t always easy to come by.

LTJ Bukem isn’t exactly my personal cup of tea, but I like to go to any show with open ears and an open heart. Judging by the crowd, they were into it. At this point in time it was around 7 p.m. and most of the ticket-holders had showed up. Everyone was grooving along to the beat. His set made a great mix for LED flow art. People were bringing out their funkiest outfits and immersing themselves in the music. Preparing the others for the night to come.

Emancipator chilled the crowd out before the big finale. He had a live violin accompanying him, bringing a beautiful and deep Lindsay Stirling feel. I noticed many older people in the crowd swaying between frat boys to new age hippies. The fact that age, gender, and culture can all be one is something we can all appreciate about music, and Emancipator was bringing those relationships front and center.

The big finale. Pretty Lights. The set we’ve all been sweating, dancing, and dying to see. Pretty Lights lived up to the name. As he came out and greeted us the crowd roared and his show began. Couples danced together like they were in their own world. People cheered, sang, moved, and connected. His ensemble did not disappoint and they filled the room with unexplainable energy. He did not quit. He blasted us with song after song coordinated with an amazing light show.  Watching someone do something they love causes inspiration, and he inspired. At one point he let the crowd sing a solo to "Finally Moving," and we all got a good feeling. Pretty Lights ceases to put on an amazing show, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for coming years. 

Photos by Hannah McDerman for Bullet Music

Christina Salvati

Christina is the Media Relations Manager based in Nashville and a mother of one rambunctious child and two cats. Her pet peeve is when people aren't open to new music. She has worked behind the scenes at a few music festivals and met plenty of artists she wishes to never meet again. Before she was 21 she mastered the art of sneaking into shows. Now that she's of age, she has begun a new chapter in her musical journey.