[Preview] Warped Tour Celebrates Twenty-Two Years of Solid Lineups

[Preview] Warped Tour Celebrates Twenty-Two Years of Solid Lineups

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It’s 2017 and Vans Warped Tour has been going strong for twenty-two years. Wow, Warped, you’re the same age as me. Getting old, eh? Every year Warped Tour manages to book a well-rounded lineup. Well, this year Warped has done it again. Warped is bringing us an entire day full of music. This time around we’re seeing very few repeat acts including Falling In Reverse and Too Close To Touch. The one thing I hate to love about Warped Tour is the wide-range of bands. When you look at the tour schedule you will see some bands only picking up a few cities, some playing half of the bill, and others playing every tour date.

The variety of experiences this brings is unparalleled. You can go to Warped Tour: Cincinnati and have a completely different experience than Warped Tour: Nashville, and that’s excluding weather conditions and the fact that you are in two completely different states. I’m not sure there is really anything out there that is as popular and successful as Warped. So thank you Vans. We appreciate your generosity. This year is bringing us The Acacia Strain, Attila, Blessthefall, Bowling For Soup, CKY, Carnifex, Emmure, Fit For A King, Gwar, Never Shout Never, Plain White T’s, Sarah And The Safe Word (an interview at their album release show coming soon), Sylar, and so much more.

While we enjoy our hot day in the blazing sun running from stage to stage during visits to the water station, I have something to say. Every single year there is someone being that guy. Let me tell you something, you don’t want to be that guy. If you are, you will have such a miserable experience. So I have put together a few guidelines to abide by to keep everyone’s experience happy and healthy.

1. Pre-gaming

I have made this mistake before. I am sad to say I wasn't even young and naïve. Drinking before you get to the festival can make a miserable day for you and everyone else. You could embarrassingly lose your marbles or you could quickly become dehydrated and wake up in the med tent. Before you get to the festival, you could find yourself peeing in the parking lot because for some reason the venue thinks no one outside of the gate will need restrooms. Whichever the scenario, and there are several more, save yourself. Don’t pre-game.

2. Sunscreen

Everything about sunscreen should be extremely obvious. Also, don’t forget to sunscreen your hairline. I’ve made that mistake too. You don’t want to go to work for the next week with disgusting hair because it’s painful to brush.

3. Water

Just splurge and buy the refillable bottle. You are also welcome to bring your own. Whatever you choose, drink a lot of water, especially if you plan to pit. If you’re dehydrated you will be an ass and everyone hates an ass.


This should be a given, but apparently, it isn’t. If you are standing at the very front of a crowd, some people may be head banging. Give them some space, or don’t complain if their hair repeatedly hits you in the face.  If you are mid-front-center, there will most likely be a pit. Don’t sit on the edge of the pit and think no one will hit you. Don’t stand in the middle of it and expect no one to hit you. Be aware of the show you are at, as there may be moshing. Most likely, there will not be a pit at Never Shout Never, but if you stand in the middle of the crowd at Attila, you’re asking for it and there will be no “Public Apology.”

5. Moshing

Along the lines of my previous guideline, don’t be jackasses in the pit. A pit is not made for you to deck other people in the face. It is a form of dance and art. Not fight club. If you don’t know what to do, watch other people who look like they know what they’re doing or don’t jump in at all.

With those things being said, let’s all have a wonderfully amazing time this year. Don’t forget to buy your set times guide when you arrive in case your phone dies. Make your meet up places. Don’t get too drunk and don’t be a jerk. Check out the dates and get tickets here. Happy moshing!

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