[Interview] Rezz Gives Us A Sneak Peek At Her Upcoming LP

[Interview] Rezz Gives Us A Sneak Peek At Her Upcoming LP

Rezz was called a protege of Deadmau5 early in her career because of her early signing to Mau5trap, but she has carved out her own lane as her career has progressed. She has a dedicated following and has managed to make a real name for herself with her humble attitude and bold productions. We got to sit down with Isabelle Rezazadeh before her set at Shaky Beats Festival (read our full festival review here) to check in with where she’s at in her career and how she plans to build on her success this year. She was wonderfully candid and warm, and let get some clues about what to expect from her in 2017.

How are you?

Good. I took a nap at my hotel before getting here, and now I feel totally refreshed.

This is your first time playing in Atlanta, right?

No, I played in Atlanta for TomorrowWorld two years ago.

We’re not going to count that as Atlanta.

Yeah, same. So, yeah, I’ve never played here basically.

When you first came on the scene, everyone labeled you as a techno artist, but now your sets are really diverse and I think people aren’t pigeon-holing you as much.

Techno was never my root, to be honest. I think that term is used so loosely by everybody. To me, techno is like “untz, untz, untz…” - that kind of shit. I don’t make that kind of stuff. I make slow, industrial kind of bass / weird music. I wouldn’t really classify it as techno, but I let people call it what they want. I’ve always been making whatever this sound is. People sometimes refer to it as techno because they called Gesaffelstein's music techno, but even his music I find hard to call techno because of the BPM and how it sounds more like electro to me almost. Like, [techno is] at 128, and I was never like that. I mean, I have made a few songs like that, but that was back before anybody knew me at all. My main thing is definitely the slower-paced, weird, experimental kind of rhythmic but strange bassy music.

It’s been interesting to see your relationship with Mau5trap. You seem to very loyal to that label, unlike a lot of EDM artists these days.

The guy who manages it, his name’s Chris, I just love him. They always accept all my music. They’re not picky, they’re never going to say this is too weird, and they let me do whatever I want. That’s one of the main reasons I like Mau5trap. My sound is extremely niche like it’s very particular to an audience, and I think they’ve done a good job at helping make this weird, underground sound become known to the EDM world instead of just the underground techno area. I’ve been lucky to play a lot of big stages even though the sound is just so strange, and Mau5trap has helped a lot of that. They’re great.

Your fans really love you. What does that feel like, to have such a strong base of supporters so early in your career?

I’m so thankful. They always want to give me gifts, and I think they all know that I collect all the gifts and have them at my house. It’s great.

Is there anyone you’re connected to that people should know about?

Oh, like producers? Yeah, I know a ton that people don’t know, but definitely will know soon. One is Alon Mor, he’s this Israeli who makes the most ridiculous experimental sound design nerd shit. Insanely nerd level of production. Also, there’s a guy named Thirteen, I made him collaborate on a song that’s going to be on my EP thing. Another guy I collaborated with is named Knodis, and people are going to know him soon. He’s going to be coming up this year, too. Obviously, No Mana on Mau5trap, he’s already getting that attention.

There’s a lot more really underground people that have like 300 followers that nobody knows, which is so crazy because they’re production geniuses and nobody knows who they are. I guess they have the production end down, but they don’t have any of the other shit, like the fucking management. Yet…

What’s happening with you for the rest of 2017 and beyond?

An insane amount of shit. Insane. I can’t announce too much of it, but I have an official remix coming out in two weeks. That’s not really a secret, it’s a No Mana remix on Mau5trap. I decided to remix the song because I became obsessed with the vocal and Mau5trap loved it. So, they’ll release it officially as a single. So, that’s in a couple weeks, but then after that, I’ve finished my next body of work. It’s too big to be called an EP but smaller than an album, so I think it’s called an LP by iTunes and stuff like that. I can’t give away too much on that, but it’ll be released in the next few months. There will be four singles that come out individually within the space of four weeks, and then the whole thing drops. And then there’s something that will be attached with this LP which is going to be a really cool creative project that I did with this one awesome illustrator I know. Aside from that, I’m upgrading my stage production this year and lots of touring all over the world. It’ll be all based around this LP, so that’s the rest of my year.

After our interview, I caught Rezz’s performance on the Ponce stage at Shaky Beats, and it was a highlight of the weekend for me. Her transitions were smooth, but the bass was heavy and my whole crew and I were nodding and dancing throughout her set. If you get the chance to see her on tour or at any upcoming festivals this year, make sure not to miss her.

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