[INTERVIEW] Riva Starr Shines His Light on Atlanta

Riva Starr, in his homeland of Italy they would say una stella. He's someone who's basically been around since the beginning and is a master at knowing how to please an audience. Riva continues to fly high on the charts of Beatport with a current number one track. We had a chance to chat with him before the show at WildPitch last night. 

How do you manage to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry?

Not sure. I just do what I like, and I suppose I like what I do. I’m a DJ and my production really reflects what I like to play in the club. Being a DJ means that you manage to get a lot of people’s feedback about what’s up and that’s important too.

The edit you did for Groove Armada, "Superstylin" is currently number one on Beatport. Is there a story behind the track?

I’m friends with Tom and Andy and I asked for the parts to make a bootleg for my sets, then we agreed on an original EP from them on my label SNATCH! Records. I thought it could have been nice to add it to the track list of the EP as a bonus. Nice and simple.

Several DJs I've spoken to prefer not to play Top 100 hits, what are your thoughts on that?

Well, if a track is good, it's good and there will always be a moment suitable to play it. Maybe on a rooftop party for example. I personally prefer to play new stuff cause most likely I've been playing the released tracks as promos for a good while already. Also, having a label and producing a lot of music gives me a lot of choice to play and test music that no one has. But no, I’m not an extremist of the “unreleased shit” if that’s what you wanted to know.

What's the most challenging thing about operating your label, SNATCH! Records?

Staying relevant and keeping it fresh. Also trying to make it right, despite the business getting angrier and angrier!

Do you have any advice for folks in the music industry who are looking to start a label?

I’s hard work. You’d better have a clear vision of it, the sound you want to push, and stick to it without falling into the trap of following trends to make it to the chart, etc. Also, build a solid crew of people, 'cause there are so many angles to it that you can’t handle it by yourself.

Are you excited for your show in Atlanta? Also, what are some plans you have to finish off the remainder of 2016?

Super excited. I’ve been a friend of Pierre's for a while now. I feel I've known him since his first releases honestly. We also did a collab together on Hot Creations called "Acid Train." It seems like he is doing a good job pushing this new club project in Atlanta, pushing the sound, and trying to get more people into our stuff! I’m touring pretty much every weekend till the end of the year. I have lots of European shows, and some trips to Asia too. We have to push the SNATCH! word around.

Christina Salvati

Christina is the Media Relations Manager based in Nashville and a mother of one rambunctious child and two cats. Her pet peeve is when people aren't open to new music. She has worked behind the scenes at a few music festivals and met plenty of artists she wishes to never meet again. Before she was 21 she mastered the art of sneaking into shows. Now that she's of age, she has begun a new chapter in her musical journey.