[Interview] A Short Chat With Robert Dietz

Robert Dietz recently took over Alley Cat Music Club on a Thursday where a crowd of tech house fans danced throughout the night.  Sometimes we are unable to connect with DJs on the day of their show due to their understandably busy schedules. In any event, we got to chat with Robert recently so better late than never. Enjoy!

There's a photo of you on Instagram with a marijuana plant and the caption "green thumb." Tell us some reasons why you are a supporter of cannabis? 

I think it is a very beautiful, versatile and smart plant, especially when it comes to its medical advantages. It can benefit us in so many ways and of course it is fun to consume it in your leisure time too. It definitely should be legalized worldwide but also should be only consumed responsibly. 

Is there a special piece of equipment you can't live without in the studio?

It varies monthly as I'm always working with different machines in my studio to not get bored. But one of my mothership synthesizers I don’t want to miss is the Dave Smith Prophet 12. I have used it in almost every track for three years now.

You relocated from Frankfurt to Berlin, we see a lot of talent come out of Berlin. What does it take to stand out in a city like that?

I don't really think you need to stand out in your city when you are aiming for an international career. As long as you focus on what you want to achieve and you work hard for it, you’ll make your way and shine.

You're a bit of a vinyl junkie, when did this obsession begin?

It’s difficult to say when it became this kind of obsession as I bought my first record when I was around nine-years-old at a record trade show I visited with my dad. I’m sure that laid the foundation of it!

In 2016 you've come out on several VAs. Is there any special reason why?

There wasn't really a reason for it. I indeed spread less music out there like in the last year but 2017 will be different with a lot of new material.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Another VA *laughs* and a remix for Yaya on a new Italian label.

Liz Peña

Liz is an Atlanta-native and lover of music. She is a freelance marketer who has been creatively writing since she was a child. As the publisher of Bullet Music, she thrives on creating a space for Atlanta artists to showcase their work. Liz enjoys nature, cooking and hanging out with her family. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @pocketsizedpeach