[Artist Spotlight] Thirsty? Pick Up a 2-Pack of Punk with Soda Jerks

Photos by Sarah Htun for Bullet Music

Dynamically inspired rock is all the rage in the world of underground bands. In the Atlanta music scene, most of them come with intense wardrobes and intricate bass lines, that is until Soda Jerks. Soda Jerks is a two-piece band consisting of Erik on drums and Steve on guitar and vocals. The simplicity of a two-piece band gives a reason for pause, but after hearing the sound that these two young men create, we were left speechless. We are stoked to introduce them to you here and you can see them perform at our next Artist Spotlight Showcase at Smith’s Olde Bar on April 24th.

Why only a two-piece, we asked? After talking briefly, we learned that there may be a running joke that the men of Soda Jerks dislike bass players. Steve claims though that they don’t “hate” bass players, they just enjoy the added challenge of their limited instrumentation. The sole purpose of the bass is to tie the drums and the guitar together essentially bridging the gap. To refuse this instrument is a challenge accepted by Soda Jerks.

This creatively inspired two-piece band has big shoes to fill. They have found a way to create a full-bodied effect that often gets compared to the sound you might associate with a band such as The Black Keys, another two-piece rock band. You can listen to Soda Jerks here.

We sat down with Steve and Erik to talk more about Steve’s obsession with DIY clothing, how they got their start as a band, and what it takes to create such a full sound with only a guitar and a drum kit.

Listen to the full interview with Soda Jerks on Bullet Music’s YouTube or SoundCloud.

Watch Soda Jerks + two other TBA artists perform at the Bullet Music’s Artist Spotlight Showcase at Smith’s Olde Bar on April 24th.

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