7 SoundCloud Mixes to Brighten Your Day

7 SoundCloud Mixes to Brighten Your Day

With summer fast approaching, here's our list of a few of the mixes you can find on SoundCloud to bring the party wherever you are. Enjoy! 

1. The Magician - Magic Tape 68

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, house DJ Stephen Fasano (better known as The Magician) opens up his new hour-long mix with a groovy dub intro before breaking into funky electro-house territory. Heavy on bass and light on filler, his 68th (!) mix for SoundCloud will be sure to have people dancing the night away.

2. Bonobo - Outlier Radio 004

Famed British musician and DJ, Simon Green (aka Bonobo) has already cut his teeth with acclaimed albums like Black Sands, The North Borders, and most recently Migration. His latest two-hour mix for LA's NTS Radio is brimming with lush, piano-driven ambient soundscapes and dashing basslines. Featuring many obscure vocal samples from the likes of Yellow Days, Willie West, and Norwegian singer Smerz, this icy mix will be a treat for everyone.

3. Tygapaw - Mixmag - SSC Mix 001

Brooklyn musician Tygapaw presents us with her latest mix for Mixmag, dripping with mind-bending fusions of future house and psychedelia-tinged R&B. Showing off her Jamaican roots, this mix samples many dub and reggae beats topped off with occasionally abrasive electronic flourishes (and a neat Migos flip toward the beginning). Anyone looking for an out-there collage of trippy R&B and hip-hop would do well to check this out.

4. Ekali - Awakening - Mix.1

The first of a new series of mixes, Canadian DJ Nathan Shaw (Ekali) samples a slew of contemporary house and EDM cuts (including Flume, Major Lazer, and RL Grime) and turns it all into one 60-minute danceathon. There are lots of cool moments to be found in this hour of electronic energy, so put it on at any party and you'll have everyone on the dancefloor.

5. Snakehips - FLY HIGH 003

UK duo Snakehips' most recent mix is loaded to the brim with rap bangers and soulful R&B cuts from the likes of Mija & Vindata, Joey Bada$$, and hip-hop legends Clipse. Stylish and sexy, this half-hour of infectious flow may have came out last August, but it's so good it would be difficult to turn this one off repeat through 2017.

6. Ryan Hemsworth - Boiler Room & Adidas Originals Dubai DJ Set

Ryan Hemsworth, a record producer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, put together this 55-minute mix for the respected underground radio show Boiler Room. The primary genre here is hip-hop, but the breezy, understated production makes it something that goes as well in the background as it does with your full attention. Give this mix a listen if spacey and hazy, trap and rap vibes are your thing. 

7. Nathan C - Deeplife Presents Episode 034 - 2.1.2017

This latest Deeplife mix from London-based Nathan C is ingrained with classic trance sounds of decades past. Whether you're at a club or at your 10-year-old cousin's skating rink birthday party, this hour of fun, pulsating beats is sure to get you in a good mood.

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