Sweet Dreams Soundtrack - Seven Songs for Sleeping

Sweet Dreams Soundtrack - Seven Songs for Sleeping

Usually, when people say music puts them to sleep, they don’t mean it as a compliment.  I never understood that, however, because I love sleeping. In fact, when music puts me to sleep, I download it in FLAC and cherish it forever. Here is a collection of the most soothing and atmospheric ambient tracks I’ve discovered. These can transform your Sunday afternoon snooze into a blissful and restorative experience.

1. Carbon Based Lifeforms - "Euphotic"

Vast and melancholic, this song makes me feel weightless. The entire album, Interloper, by Carbon Based Lifeforms is nap-worthy. This song is special because it riffs on a sweet melody and draws the listener into a soft expanse. The bright synths can be sleepy and sunny all at once.

2. Stellardrone - "Belt of Orion"

Invent the Universe by Stellardrone is another perfect album for drifting into deep and wonderful sleep. I especially enjoy Belt of Orion for its deeply cosmic tone. Its expansive chords float majestically in a bright cacophony, evoking immense nebulas and the unfathomable reaches of space.  

3) Hinkstep - "Sunrise from the Treetops"

I have found the best time to hear this song is when you are in your bed, and the early morning light is beginning to stream into your window. As you are still reluctant to leave your bed, this meandering groove guides you through the nebulous realm between sleep and wakefulness.  Dreamy ethereal soundscapes are Hinkstep's strengths.

4. Asura - "Frontiers"

Unlike EDM and other styles of electronic music which capitalize on big sounds, good ambient music is replete with subtlety. To the inattentive listener, it seems boring and still. But in reality, there are many things happening.

This is a phenomenal ambient track. It is soothing and emotional, while having a lush soundscape full of a variety of textures and sounds. Each chord crashes over the last, like ocean waves. The only problem with this song is that it’s only six minutes long.

5. Dislocated Gravitation - "Dislocation 1"

Dislocated Gravitation is one of the most abstract ambient albums I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. That’s what makes it one of my favorites.  Lushly textured pads oscillate among deep throbbing bass frequencies. Its floating cadence is evocative of fish in an aquarium.

6) Metaphorical Cloud - "Imagination Bay"

This track is the sonic equivalent of a warm blanket. Its soft chiming melodies shimmer over the deep warm backdrop of pads and foley. The textures of this piece are truly unique and organic, making an old favorite of mine. Metaphorical Cloud's album, Morphing, has accompanied me on blissful expeditions for years. 

7) Brian Eno - Lux

Brian Eno, the original master of ambient music, mixes a variety of colorful and organic sounds to create a lush soundscapes that fills a room like Sunday morning sunlight does. This track is perfect for a nap on a warm Sunday afternoon when you feel like going nowhere.  This ambient masterpiece has no rhythm or direction, only harmony and emotion. It evokes meditative stillness that precedes a wonderful and profound sleep.

Sleep is one of my favorite parts of the day so I cherish my sleeping music collection as much as the rest of my collection. After all, any time is a great time for a nap. Sweet dreams!

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