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Purple Rain and high Spirits: A Suwannee Weekend to Remember at Purple Hatter's Ball

Purple Rain and high Spirits: A Suwannee Weekend to Remember at Purple Hatter's Ball

Purple Hatter’s Ball 2018 brought the rain, sun, mud and funk to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park for the 11th annual gathering.

[Artist Spotlight] Chantae Cann Channels Inspiration to Keep Her Sol Empowered

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It’s all about soul for Chantae Cann, the Cleveland-born jazz-soul singer who now calls Atlanta home. Chantae moved to the city in her teens after growing up in Cleveland and Chicago and quickly embraced the “Southern Hospitality,” saying, “We take our time, but we still get it done.”

In 2016, the singer’s Journey to Golden found itself on top of the iTunes Jazz charts, proving that the rest of the world loved her unique vocal timbre just as much as Atlanta. Before long, Journey to Golden the Re-WERC by Atlanta’s own WERC Crew truly cemented Chantae’s spot in Atlanta’s musical landscape – a versatile artist that is both in touch with the great jazz vocalists of old as well as the producers of today.

Moving into the latter part of 2017, Chantae’s sophomore album, Sol Empowered, featured 12 tracks that uniquely captured her musical journey. While still pushing a familiar jazz-soul sound that fills each song with a comforting, familiar warmth, elements of other genres that have crossed Chantae’s path are littered throughout. Chantae calls herself “an inspiration junkie,” and that shows as she gleans inspiration from every life event and musical collaboration.

One apparent influence on her newest album is that of the WERC Crew and other electronic artists. Atlanta’s electronic music scene permeates almost every aspect of Atlanta music, and Chantae Cann deftly weaves subtle aspects of electronic music into some of her songs to give Sol Empowered an added texture. Whether it comes from the clever breakdown in “Hey Whatcha Say” or the acapella beatboxing on “Sol Glo,” Chantae is demonstrating a side of jazz that many have never seen before.

In a live setting, these powerful songs come through in an impressive way. Chantae’s goal is for her listeners to feel “inspired, uplifted, motived, encouraged [and] empowered,” and these songs encapsulate those feelings of hope, inspiration and motivation perfectly. Whether it’s through your headphones or through the PA at Smiths Olde Bar, the stylings of Chantae Cann’s Sol Empowered will leave you feeling just that.

Chantae Cann is performing live at Smith's Olde Bar tonight from 7:30 - 9:30 PM; click here for more information or to watch the live stream of the performance here.

Watch the full video interview with Chantae Cann.

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