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ZEMYA Fest: A Family Affair

ZEMYA Fest: A Family Affair

Atlanta's first locally-hosted mini festival, ZEMYA Festival was a concept brought to life by the Project B. crew. 

[Interview] Preparing his visit to Atlanta, Till Von Sein communicates his laid-back vision of the world.


By Frank Duke

Till Von Sein is a laid back guy with very big thoughts. A pensive man who truly understands what it means to go with the natural progression of daily life as a DJ, producer, and human.

He will be playing at Alley Cat Music Club tomorrow night alongside local masterminds Elio Stereo and Funk Manchu.

With a break in your traveling schedule coming up, how do you most prefer to spend your down time?

It depends on where I am. I played at the conference in Miami. I’ve just been hanging out in South Florida. I love spending time relaxing, chilling in bed, watching movies, and sleeping. I’m still in Miami right now. I’ll probably go down to the beach here soon.

In terms of when I’m traveling, I always try to go places that I have good friends and can do some stuff. I hate being bored in a hotel room or an Airbnb.

When you were first immersed in the music scene, did producing or DJing come more naturally for you?

It’s actually kind of funny. I first started off as a rapper, 20-something years ago, when I was 14 or 15. I always sat down with people producing beats. I loved what they were doing. I was really interested in what they were doing. Then I started Djing shortly after that. Producing came to me three or four years after that.

What made you move away from Germany to now call Capetown your home?

I’m still in Germany. My parents moved to Capetown. I try to spend as much time down there with them as I can. I don’t spend so much time in Berlin since I travel all the time. Anytime I can get home I will always go.

Where is your mind at when you are in the studio creating new sounds and mixes? 

What I try to do is just be at myself at home. Don’t think about anything. Drink some wine and smoke some weed. Just really immerse myself into the music. When I’m traveling I relax and take some down time. Then I dive into some music when the inspiration hits.

You have been releasing for Dirt Crew Recordings for some time now, often alongside Tigerskin. What has that journey been like and the relationship between you two as such complimentary artists?

When we first started I was a new kid on the block. At that time, he was legendary to me. Over the years, everything was so natural. We worked on remixes, he had all the gear that I needed for my album. We really understand each other. We’re very close friends. I’m very happy and grateful we have met each other.

Was there ever a turning point in your career when you made some major change, either in producing music or in your DJ jobs?

I dunno. It’s just a step-by step process. I just go with the flow of the natural progression.

When you are performing at a club, what type of energy do you strive to create for the crowd?

It always depends on where I’m playing. I always try to create a certain energy. It’s always different. If it’s a tech house party in Italy, or a gay party in Berlin, or whatever. I try to show them what I like. Capture them. Then run with it. I play a lot of different venues, clubs, and festivals. The vibe is always different. I just adhere to where I’m at, the space, the people, and the music.



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