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ZEMYA Fest: A Family Affair

ZEMYA Fest: A Family Affair

Atlanta's first locally-hosted mini festival, ZEMYA Festival was a concept brought to life by the Project B. crew. 

Matthew Dekay Gets Dreamy in Atlanta


What can I possibly say about the magic that happened at Sound Table Saturday night? Bobi Stevkovski warmed up the crowd with his energetic vibes. Winding my way to the front of the dance floor, I staked my claim for the coming night full of promise and excitement. As we get into the groove and start to feel the music, Bobi’s set took several intoxicating turns throughout the night. From smooth jazzy tracks with a deep, thumping bass, evolving into a desert tempo with a bit of a jungle undertone that put us in a land far away. The sounds emanating from the speakers rooted me to my spot, nobody dared move away from the floor as we danced there, completely and utterly lost in the music.


Though there was a slight delay in bringing up our headliner due to some technical difficulties, the fine people of Atlanta lent their support as Bobi continued seducing the crowd. You could actually feel the excitement from the people around me as we patiently awaited Matthew Dekay’s debut.


Matthew Dekay’s infectious smile and joyous energy instantly set the mood for what was to be one of the most beautiful sets I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Based in Berlin, Dekay’s sound was tinted with a German grunginess that mixed in perfectly with the ethereal sound that is characteristic of the All Day I Dream label.

I can speak for all the patrons of Sound Table when I say that we were taken on a beautiful journey words cannot possibly describe. As I turn to friends and strangers alike, I can see the emotions playing across their faces. There were many times when all you could do was close your eyes and let his music take you with it on the adventure he was weaving for us. For lack of better words, Dekay’s music hit us right in the feels.


Talking briefly to Dekay after his set, he expressed to have been able to play longer for us, but was genuinely happy to be in Atlanta and experience the rapidly growing underground scene. This was a man with happy energy and a sweet personality that only added to the already obvious talent and music prowess. We will await your return Mr. Dekay and cherish the magic created that night.


Photos by Kayode Lowo.