[Interview] Overcoats are Trailblazing for Talented Women Everywhere

[Interview] Overcoats are Trailblazing for Talented Women Everywhere

New York-based duo Overcoats talk female empowerment and a new era and the success of their debut album YOUNG before opening a sold-out show for Tennis in North Carolina!

Keeping Music in Children's Lives

Keeping Music in Children's Lives

With funding for music and the arts continuously being cut from budgets across the country, it is important to recognize the organizations that are doing everything they can to keep music alive in the lives of the youth. There is always a way to bring music to children and these are just a couple organizations that deserve to be recognized. 

Celebrating DJs of the Past and Present during Black History Month

Celebrating DJs of the Past and Present during Black History Month

On the last day of 2017's Black History Month, we take an appreciative look at some of the most successful and influential DJ talents to grace the stage.

DAVI and Project B. Deliver a Cozy Sunday Evening

By Kristin Gray

Photos by Teddy Williams

Today’s Sunday day party at Studio No. 7 was a bit different than the usual highly populated events put on by Project B. This was small, intimate, among good people, and downright lovely. It was like going to a private house party with some of your best friends and a rather good sound system in place. At the heart and center of this party was DAVI, who is featured on labels such as Anjunadeep, Bits and Pieces and Crosstown Rebels.

The tone was set in a more intimate style, the DJ booth set into the main room along the back wall. The lighting was lowered, the candles lit, and the infamous goat set at his customary place in front of the booth. For the most part people are casually standing around, chatting with friends. Fun house beats played from Christian Chotro, it was no wonder we couldn’t help but move.

Davi 4

Having heard about the packed out night before at the Sound Table, this was a refreshing evening for folks. With no more than 30-40 people here at a time. We could enjoy the personal space to do our crazy dances or sit just sit and relax, immersing ourselves in the music. As Bobi and DAVI switch off throughout the night, our other guest, Angela Afifi also got her chance to shine. Stepping up for quite the set of deep house, jiggy vibes, our entire little crew had to come dance to this. The night was casual.

Davi 2

I was able to talk to most of the people there, including the Stevkovski brothers, and the conversations we had were truly meaningful. We talked about the community behind this little underground scene, people coming from all walks of life and backgrounds. Nobody ever asks the generic “what do you do for a living” questions because, quite frankly, nobody cares. It doesn’t matter what life you lead when you walk through those doors or the day job you have. It is not what defines you. What we care about is the soul and heart you bring onto the dance floor, after all, everyone is here for one common cause. We love the music and what it inspires each of us to be for this world.

Davi 3

While chatting with Goran (Bobi’s brother and fellow Project B. mastermind), he told me one thing that I hope is something that remains true for Atlanta as we continue growing. He told me that first and foremost, this is a passion for he and Bobi. That their biggest determination is to never let Project B. become a business before a passion. They do this for the love of the music and the love of their supportive community. It is about the people, the loyalty and encouragement they provide to this scene. After all, it is love and passion that create this type of music, or perhaps it is the other way around. I believe they are intrinsically connected, and whatever we as a community can do to influence each other for the better, well, dance on you wonderful people. Dance on.

Deep Jesus: Round 1


By Kristin Gray

I arrive to Sound Table around midnight, and already the venue is packed. I squeeze through the dancing crowd ready to experience the already energetic groove being gifted to us by Bobi Stevkovski of Project B. It’s so crowded that finding a spot to dance proves far more difficult than I originally thought. I opt to head outside on the spacious outdoor patio. The freakishly warm weather makes this the prime spot to get some fresh air and share good conversation with friends.

Though the wait at the bar was almost painfully long despite the full bar staff, this didn’t stop anyone from feeling the good vibes. At this point the music has transformed into a beautiful flow as Deep Jesus steps up to the booth. Bobi’s undeniable energy and smooth sound already has the crowd bouncing. Deep Jesus of Desert Hearts takes over and the crowd begins to move with his beats. You can see people turning to each other and smiling, we can all feel the passion being poured into this set.

3 a.m. comes and goes, Soundtable is still as crowded as I have ever seen it. From my recently acquired vantage point in the DJ booth I get a fresh new perspective of how wonderfully excited this crowd is. No one is ready to leave, we are all still in love with the music and this night.

We begin our next adventure to the after party at Alley Cat, a fairly new venue with a lot of potential. As we are walking there, I am talking with Ryan (aka Deep Jesus) about his experience here. He expresses how comfortable he feels here from the kindness and welcome he has received from the city of the South. We talk about this underground scene and the people that make it possible. Down here, anyone who shows up is here for the pure love of the music. We love our DJ’s and the magic they bring to this city.

This time, Bobi and Deep Jesus continue the night in this intimate party of maybe thirty techno lovers unwilling to give into the coming morning. Finally, we all have enough room to really move our feet and get lost in the sound. The two artists work splendidly together as the sound reverberates through the floor. You can feel the passion and joy these men put into their music, can hear the soul that goes into producing such intoxicating sounds.

As the night, er, morning finally came to a close, I look around at us survivors and see a bouncing energy that feels like it could last forever. We share stories of the night, as well as the future. Great things and incredible talent is coming to Atlanta in 2016, and the folks that call this city home are waiting with bated breath and open arms.

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