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A Stones Throw to Hopscotch Festival 2017

A Stones Throw to Hopscotch Festival 2017

Headed to Hopscotch Festival this weekend? We made a list of must see acts while you're in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Rooster Walk Is Grassroots Festival Perfection

Rooster Walk Is Grassroots Festival Perfection

Strutting its stuff, Rooster Walk should be an obvious addition to your festival season can't miss list. It's composed of picturesque backdrops, a strong lineup, and genuine staff and patrons.

15 Reasons Why Suwannee Hulaween was the Best Festival of 2015

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By Liz Turcotte

Photos by Chris Monaghan

For this year’s Hulaween festivities, we invited our correspondent Liz Turcotte down from Atlanta to experience her first Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park event. Liz is a pro-festy, and can set up a 4-person camp in 30 minutes flat – complete with Halloween decorations and a giving tent. As someone new to the park, but experienced in large attendance festivals, Liz offers a fresh perspective on Suwannee Hulaween. As an added bonus, it was her birthday weekend – and as you can tell from her article below, she had a blast. Welcome to SOSMP & Florida Music Blog!

1. Location, location, location The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park is nestled right off of Interstate 75 in Live Oak, Florida. As soon as you drive onto the property, an almost euphoric feeling takes over and you feel right at home between the Spanish moss and unspoiled forest. SOSMP is home to over 25 music festivals like Suwannee River Jam, Wanee Music Festival and Purple Hatters Ball, just to name a few.


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