Santigold: Worth more than 99¢

How does consumerism affect society? Is consumption consuming ourselves? Why is it so important to be recognized, popular and prosperous nowadays? Has earth become a kind of wasteland? These are some interrogations that came to my mind after I attended Santigold’s concert last week at the Tabernacle. It was a pure consideration on how we (human beings) have become so materialistic and have forgotten about the essence of life.    

Santi White a.k.a. Santigold enchanted Atlanta with hits from past albums Santogold (2008) and Master of my Make-Believe (2012). Also, she presented hits from her new album,  99¢. "Chasing Shadows," "Disparate Youth," "Unstoppable," "Who Be Loving Me," "Can’t Get Enough of Myself," "Big Mouth," were performed and chanted by hundreds of fans.  

With a blend of pop, hip-hop, 80’s punk, dance hall and, a hint of different sounds from cultures around the world, Santigold had spectators dancing for almost two hours straight. The concert hit it's climax when Santi White called more than 50 people up to the stage to sing and dance with her. It was a selfless moment where all eyes were focused on the public instead of the star of the night. It was dance party time!  I have to say that I truly enjoyed this show regardless of my unfamiliarity with her music.

Besides the outstanding performance by White, the night was accompanied by startling choreography. Two synchronized dancers were constantly criticizing and questioning the narcissist society, its consumerism, and today's social media addiction.

I want to mention the dynamic, interactive and colorful graphics and illustrations presented on the back screen. All of them reminding us how our relentless culture is fascinated with consumption and how people have turned into some kind of advertising “slaves."  

Now the reflection is laid on the table. It is our decision to start acting different and escape the consumption stream, or just keep being dominated by multiple market trends and oppressed by social media. Do we really want to keep buying gold? How long are we going to be told how to think?  It's up to me and you...