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[Interview| Jonny Cruz talks about traveling the world and his diverse approach to music.


By Frank Duke

Jonny Cruz is a multi-faceted Dj and producer who explores many styles of electronic music to keep ahead of the curve.

Jonny will be playing at Alley Cat Music Club this Saturday alongside Atlanta party guru, Tocayo.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. How has the start of spring been treating you thus far?

It's been pretty good, can't complain. Been in my birthplace Puerto Rico since getting back from Berlin in December. I've literally just been locked in the studio working on remixes and new material.

You just had a release on Gold Records. How did the EP come into life?

At first Namito hit me up with the idea to do a vocal for a track of his, I felt like I could send him more than just a vocal so I also did some musical arrangement and send it to him, it worked out and the track has had a very good response.


Last I heard, you were in NYC, but now you are in Berlin. What inspired the move and how did it transpire?

Berlin in the summer is just a lovely place to be. I've been on and off living in Berlin since 2010 I have a lot of friends there. I really enjoy the inspiration it brings to my music when I'm there. Also, the nightlife is second to none. I'm actually moving to LA after a few gigs in South America in May.

How many places have you lived after you were born in Puerto Rico?

I was born in Puerto Rico but I grew up most of my childhood in San Diego, CA. I've also lived in Venezuela, Taiwan, Miami, Orlando, London, New York, and Berlin.

What are two bucket list items for you?

Haven't done Burning Man yet. I also really want to go surfing in Indonesia.

When you approach a DJ set or a new track, what are some of the main elements you consider?

Above all, good sound. Usually If it sounds good, chances are it's good.

You’ve done a lot of work with My Favorite Robot Records in your career. What about this imprint draws you to continue to release and work with them?

I haven't released on MFR in two years, I think it's time for a new EP. I came in contact with the label back in 2011. I liked the music they were releasing because it was a big fuck you to everything else I was hearing coming out at the time. I've always had that same kind of, "I don't give a shit about trends" kind of style. I think they liked that about me as well.

If at all possible, could you tell us a bit about your other aliases and some of the styles that they revolve around?

I have the Discern alias with Silky which I think is more of a melodic, techno kind of sound.

Ominous with R.A.D. (Ricardo a. Dominguez). This is my live act, it's more an electronica live band kind of thing.

And little ol' me. I don't really pigeonhole into one style I do all kinds of different stuff.

What are you most looking forward to about playing in Atlanta?

Making booty's shake!

Do you have any news that you can tell us about for projects in the rest of 2016?

The relaunch of Discern. Silky and I took almost two years off of making music together now we're back full force. More music with Ominous and performances together. And a lot of new solo material.

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