[Single Debut] The Delta Troubadours Debut Their Newest Single "Nobody on the Way"

[Single Debut] The Delta Troubadours Debut Their Newest Single "Nobody on the Way"

The Delta Troubadours are exclusively debuting their newest single, "Nobody on the Way" on Bullet Music. With a gritty, rock sound, it's the perfect track to kick off a rockin' weekend.

[Interview] TAUKing FUN, FOOD and the FUTURE.

By Clara Goode

Bullet recently sat down with the instrumental and progressive rock band, TAUK. The band has recently been touring with Umphrey’s McGee and will be headlining in Atlanta on Saturday night with Sumilan at Terminal West. Alric “A.C.” Carter (keyboardist) was kind enough to chat with me on Monday.

Tell me about the formation of TAUK.

TAUK started way back when Matt, Charlie and myself were freshman in high school. Just kind of a fun thing. We were playing around with kids who went to school with us. They were the only people around to share our music with. Now it is a four piece. Isaac joined the band about four years ago in 2012, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. We play music.

How have your goals as a band changed over the years?

I think we still have the same goal, which is to have fun and enjoy playing music with each other. That’s originally why the band started, and definitely a thread that we’ve kept on, continued on and focused on. If anything, its changed because we’re a business now and with that comes the responsibility of touring. Obviously we do this because we love it, but we are also doing this to survive, to eat, to provide for ourselves. So, it’s a little bit more of a serious approach that we take to it. We understand that the people we bring on the team, they need to eat too. We want everyone to be happy and be able to enjoy themselves.

Your Instagram account is full of photos showing you guys having a lot of fun. You seem to really enjoy each other's company. Has touring together been as much fun as it looks?

Yeah. When you know someone so long and you’re friends for a while, there’s a certain level of comfort that you’re accustomed to. That level of comfort translates to a level of trust and understanding of where everyone is on the same page. You know, when you’re out for seven weeks and you’re playing almost 350 gigs in two years, you gotta find those light moments. You have to take advantage of them. Sometimes can take yourself too seriously because you’re making such a huge investment into the music industry, into the band, and each other. Sometimes it can get really, really intense and those light moments are very important. To me, they are just as important, if not more important, so you can remember the bigger picture.  

Are the games part of how you battle the stress of being on the road?

The games are part of it, food is another way. We are all foodies. We all love to eat. We definitely remember the towns and our spots based on {chuckles} what we had to eat, where we had dinner or brunch that day. We have been thinking about doing a food blog. But all jokes aside, it’s definitely something that we need to do. That something is to be relaxed and enjoy ourselves. If you’re angry and you’re tired sometimes those emotions, those human elements, find their way in the show. And the most important thing, the bottom line for us, is putting on the best show ever. No matter if its 50 or 5,000. It makes no difference to us.

You mentioned you guys are foodies. Is there a region of the country that is your favorite for food?

I’ve got to be honest. For me, there’s great food everywhere, but the southeast has some really fantastic food. We were just in Nashville and there’s this spot called Prince’s Hot Chicken. We’ve driven three hours just to get that for breakfast on a couple of occasions. Don’t judge us. But if you ever go to Nashville get Prince’s hot fried chicken. And if you’re into spice, stop it at a medium, don’t get hot. {Chuckles} You’ll be turning in your sleep all night.

You’ve been on the road with Umphrey’s McGee. How has it been to share the stage with such a heavy hitter?

It’s been great. Those guys definitely challenge us and I think the relationship and the overall approach is reciprocated. We want to put on the best show possible. We want to make sure we are both elevating the bar and standards for each other other. Obviously those guys have been doing it for a while. They’ve been doing it for eighteen years and they’ve been doing it well. Everyone from their crew, from the band all the way down. The whole team is professional. I’m not ashamed to say that we want to model ourselves after their professional approach. Those guys are just cool. They’re comfortable, no one’s cocky. They’re great musicians. We genuinely enjoy one another musicality. It’s truly great to share music with a band who is successful and they’re humble about it. Touring with them has been awesome, and we are very humbled and grateful to have them take us out on so many of their shows. Much props to them and many thanks.

Are there any plans for adding a vocalist to the band?

No. Our plan is to stay purely instrumental. We made the decision a while ago. That was what we wanted to focus on and we wanted to establish that as our identity. It puts us in a position to actually work with other people. We're all open to collaborations, whether its with a horn player, or a DJ. Anyone who joins us would be an addition to what we are and what we already do as a band. I think it’s a great position to be in. It keeps things fresh for us, for our audience, and our recordings.

Which album to date was your personal favorite?

For me, right now, I’m kind of diggin' on our live album. We did a double disk and it’s our first live record that we’ve put out. It’s definitely something I’m proud of. I feel like it represents what we do at our shows and the energy is different than what we do on studio records. Don’t get me wrong. I love what we do in the studio, but it’s a different approach. It’s really exciting.  

You have a new album due to come out later this year. What can you tell me about it?

We recorded sixteen songs and we’ve been sitting on them and trying to figure out exactly what to do. The record should be coming out late August or September. We will follow up with a fall tour. I’m really excited for the songs, it’s a little different than some of our previous records. I’d say it’s a combination of everything we’ve done in the past kind of put together. I’m really excited to see how it comes out, see the reaction, and start playing all these new songs.

Are there any other future plans you’d like to share?

We are doing Red Rocks with String Cheese (Incident) in July. I’m really excited about that. We are happy that String Cheese picked us up, again. It’s very humbling.  Other than that, just look out for our new record coming out in the late summer and then our fall tour.


TAUK is playing alongside Sumilan at Terminal West on Saturday April 16. 

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