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The Legacy of The Allman Brothers Lives On at The Wanee Festival 2018

The Legacy of The Allman Brothers Lives On at The Wanee Festival 2018

The legacy of The Allman Brothers Band’s music was prevalent at this years Wanee Music Festival, with a number of artists showcasing their influence across an excellent long-weekend of music and kinship.

[Interview] Marcus King Reveals the Title of his new Album and Reminisces About Wanee

[Interview] Marcus King Reveals the Title of his new Album and Reminisces About Wanee

We ran into Marcus King before his sit-in with Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band at Wanee 2018, and he chatted about his experiences at the festival and revealed the title of his upcoming album, Carolina Confessions.

Can You Hear the Music? Wanee Music Festival is in the Air, April 19-21.

Can You Hear the Music? Wanee Music Festival is in the Air, April 19-21.

Join us for the 15th annual Wanee Music Festival, April 19-21st at the magical Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. We took the time to show you what to expect and what to bring to make this year the best year possible. Ticket on sale now!

Things I Learned at Wanee

By Lacey Smith

1. Food and Beer Tickets

I’ve never been to a festival where the food and drink situation hails back to grade school sock hops.

2. The Scenery

The woods are only as big, or as small, as you think they are. The first two hours left my toes covered in blisters, but by the afternoon, things were looking up. The winding dirt roads began to make a little sense. It may sound like some hippie shit, but if you’re going to get lost at any festival, pick this one. It’s effing gorgeous.

On getting lost: for the first time in my life, I had the horrifying, movie-esque realization that I had been walking in circles. With dirt paths opening and closing, and gates disappearing and reappearing. It felt like The Labyrinth, with David Bowie possibly waiting at the end (too soon?).

3. Food Options

The vendors definitely know their audience! From the delicious breakfast and options like Gouda Bros, to the vegan-friendly Solar Cafe, you’ll definitely score big in the food dept.

4. The Stars

I didn’t grow up under the city lights. Often I yearn for a big, au naturel beautiful night sky, and Wanee delivers. The stars burn bright under the cloak of darkness the woods provides.

5. All Ages Indeed

When you think of summer music fests, you probably think of tanned 20-something girls, adorned with crowns of daisies, or shirtless, sweaty young men with neon green sunglasses. Not Wanee. It was borderline shocking to see someone under the age of 30. I now have a clear picture of what me and my friends will look like at the 20th anniversary of Mad Decent’s Block Party: mad 40-something, mad reminiscent of our youth, despite the changing times. Do you, Olds; do you.

6. Bugs

Just because there aren’t mosquitoes in your neck of the woods this early in the year, doesn’t mean they aren’t here. They are.

Favorite quotes from Wanee:

At the food truck: “You guys take tickets, right?” “Yup, unless you got any drugs you don’t want.”

“We knew there was a problem, so we had to call his mom, like, ‘Hey, Brian’s mom? Yeah, your son thinks he’s a lamp...and he’s in love with an actual lamp…”

Top Five Reasons to Attend Wanee Music Fest in 2016.


By Lacey Smith

Photo Credit: Jason Koerner

March 22, 2016

One of my bucket list dreams is to attend the massive hippie fest that is Wanee, founded by the legendary Allman Brothers. Here are five things this first-timer is most excited to see at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park:

#1: LATE-NIGHT SETS Who doesn’t love a good jam sesh? If Wanee is known for anything, it’s the jam sessions, right? This year, the performance will be led by the Umphrey’s McGee. Umphrey’s is expected to bring their legendary mashups to the fest. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Take it from me, it’s worth a quick Google search and the ticket price. Here’s to hoping Bruce Hornsby & the Range stop by to lend their talents to the jamming.

wanee festival

#2: WIDESPREAD PANIC Not to sound basic as fuck, but as an Atlantan who’s done the New Year's Eve show more than once, I’m thrilled to see a fresh Panic set in the woods of Live Oak, Florida.

#3: FESTIVAL FAMILY These are my confessions: I’m addicted to festival folk! I’ve heard the tales of these Jameson-drinking men with tramp stamps, and I’m ready to add them to my Festival Friends Rolodex.

wanee festival 3

#4: BECAUSE FLORIDA I don’t know about you, but I’m done and over my winter shell that is outerwear. I can’t pretend that the 80° weather didn’t completely seal the deal for Wanee.

wanee festival 2

#5: INSPIRATION Is it possible to go to a festival full of musicians that have stood the test of time and not be inspired? I hope not. If so, fingers crossed for some baller art.

wanee festival 1

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