10 Musical Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Musical Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Cover Photo: NYC Data Science

Twitter is awesome for having immediate news at your fingertips. We’ve compiled a list of ten must-follow Twitter accounts for anything and everything music.

1. Bullet Music

Obviously, but in reality, we have lots of ticket giveaways. On top of that, our news staff pushes out pressing music news, rad interviews, and show reviews. 

2. Consequence Of Sound

COS always has immediate updates and they keep it real. They also cover all types of music for people like us with a diverse taste in music. 

3.  Pitchfork

Pitchfork seems to be right behind Consequence of Sound in their updates and is amazing for staying up to date on everything music.

4.  Alternative Press

It's hard to find an outlet dedicated to metal or anything punk related unless you follow every single band, things slip through the cracks. Thanks for filling those cracks, AP! 

5. Festive Owl

There are several festival accounts out there that release lineups before they’re announced, but our favorite is Festive Owl. Over the last few years, they've gained a lot of traction. If you’re into festivals, you’ll get the latest news without any BS.

6. Festival Snobs

This collective of journalists, seemingly down to earth, covers festivals year round. Their Snapchat account is awesome and they have some pretty cool giveaways. 

7. Festival Outlook

Okay, this is the last purely festival related account, but guess what? It’s just Consequence of Sound’s dedicated account to festivals. Just another reason to follow!

8. The Festival Lawyer

The Festival Lawyer is an account to follow on all social media platforms. There are so many things that can happen when we attend events and we should know our rights and the risks. Most of us don’t and that’s where The Festival Lawyer steps in. He tweets some news, mostly related to arrests at festivals. He retweets important articles about your rights along with giving a lot of free advice. 

9. Stereogum

Stereogum tweets about a lot of new releases, but they also bring a lot of music to the forefront that you have never heard before. If you’re a music connoisseur of sorts, you’ll love this account to “discover” new music,

10. Shady Music Facts

If you live and breathes music news, this account is for you! Shady Music typically tweets out news that isn’t too serious but is still interesting. They bring you, sometimes silly, interesting facts about artists. Isn’t that what pop culture America survives on anyways? 

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